Mom Goes Viral Sharing a Dilemma When Her Triplets All Think They Have the Same Name (Exclusive)

The triplet mom tells PEOPLE the funny revelation is just one of many joyful moments as a mom of four

<p>thattripletmom_/TikTok</p> Gabi (left), Viviana, who thinks her name is Victor


Gabi (left), Viviana, who thinks her name is Victor
  • Gabi, known on TikTok as @thattripletmom_, is a mom of four that is sharing her life with triplet toddlers

  • A recent viral video revealed that the triplets — Victor, Valentino and Viviana — all believe their name is Victor

  • The mom of four hopes that she can show multiple moms how joyful this time of life can be

One triplet mom is loving that the internet is laughing along with her chaotic family life.

Gabi, known on TikTok as @thattripletmom_, has been sharing the sweet and funny moments as a mom of triplets since her kids were infants. Now toddlers, a recent video of Victor, Valentino and Viviana has gone viral as people laugh at an adorable mix-up between the three.

In her viral video, Gabi explains she taught her little ones their names and ages. While the triplets all know they are 2, they all think their name is Victor. She illustrates by adorably going to each of them and asking them their name, to which each says "Victor."

It's been just over a month since Gabi shared the sweet moment. She tells PEOPLE that the triplets "all think their name is Victor still."

"It's funny, Victor's kind of the ringleader. He's the oldest and I do everything in birth order. It's always just been like that so it's Victor, Valentino and then Viviana's the baby," she explains of her three babies, each of which was born a minute apart.

"But when I'm teaching them their names, I would say, 'You're Victor and you're 2' and they all listened. So I'd move on and say, 'You're Valentino and you're 2,' and then, 'You're Viviana and you're 2.' I think since I was just teaching Victor first, they were all just like, 'Okay, we're all Victor. They jumped on board and now they're all Victor and they're all 2."

That said, if the mom calls for any of the three by their correct name, they have no problem answering her.

"They know their name and will respond to their actual name, but if I ask their name, they'll still say Victor," she laughs.

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The triplets took the couple, who had been trying to conceive for years, by complete surprise.

"My husband and I were trying to conceive for two years and nothing worked. We started looking into fertility treatments. After six months of trying, we were being told to look at more aggressive options, like IVF," she recalls. "I decided not to do it because I decided, 'You know what? That's okay. Maybe my calling in life is to be a really great stepmom,' because my husband has three kids from before we were married. I stopped and two months later, I got pregnant, naturally, with triplets."

Gabi started sharing videos of Victor, Valentino and Viviana when they were around 3 months old.

"My husband and I have been together for five years. Initially, I shared bits and pieces online when I found out that I was having triplets. It felt crazy, and my mother-in-law was the one to push me to start a TikTok. I didn't think anyone would want to see the everyday life of triplets, but then a few of my videos went viral."

Most days, the chaos she captures, existing alongside a smiley trio of little ones, results from "not having enough hands."

"If all three are crying, I have to determine, 'Okay, who needs me the most right now? Who can I set up to be okay while I deal with the other two?' It's a lesson in time management because they all want things at once. You just have to figure out how to handle all three things at once."

"I did a video about going to the zoo that was fun. We do a lot of water activities, so I've made videos at the beach. Going out with them is so fun. It's challenging, but it's rewarding. We've taken them to Disney, which was crazy."

In sharing bits of their lives on TikTok, Gabi says that "maybe 97 percent of the comments are positive and people showing us love. But then, of course, there are the people who are going to hate, whether it's on what I wear or how I choose to raise them. It's been interesting and delicate to figure out sharing but not sharing too much. "

Gabi notes that she does share some information about Valentina, who is "medically complex" but walks a fine line between advocacy and oversharing information that is ultimately not her own.

"It is hard because I want to advocate on her condition, but it's also a very personal condition. It's been a little difficult not sharing to bring awareness, but I would never want her to feel uncomfortable or like I overshared about her life or her body. So that can be challenging."

Gabi's aware that a lot of moms look at her and feel lucky not to be wrangling three toddlers, but she hopes that her videos will show the beauty and joy of raising multiples.

"When people find out I have triplets, they say a lot of negative things like, 'I couldn't do it,' or 'Oh, I'm so sorry for you.' I like to show on my TikTok that it's actually very fun, if you have a positive mindset about it. This is what the universe or God has given me. I can't change it. It is what it is, and having triplets is fine," she levels.

"I hope that other triplet moms and moms of medically complex kids can see that it can be fun. Let me show you the positives."

Gabi is soaking up every milestone and every moment, and keeping busy with three toddlers on her hands.

"Viviana started walking, so now I have three walkers. She had a lot of health issues and doctors said she might not ever walk. And now she's walking, so that's a huge milestone for us," she says.

"The babies are just talking so much, so now we're all talking a lot. Their personalities are really coming out. We're having so much fun now."

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