This mom’s colorful photoshoot idea is fun for the whole family

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This TikTok parent shared a brilliant and colorful photoshoot idea that’s as fun for kids as it is for parents!

It can be hard getting small kids to have the patience to pose for photos. That’s why TikTok parent Ashlyn Ross’ (@ashlyn_ross) recent photoshoot idea is so brilliant! The mom of two shared a video revealing the colorful paint splatter photoshoot she did with her kids and it’s so adorable!

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The video begins with a shot of Ashlyn and her two toddler-aged sons sitting on the grass in the family’s backyard. A plain white sheet hangs behind Ashlyn and the kids, who are all wearing white shirts and jean shorts. A few tubes of paint sit on the ground in front of them. Ashlyn puts her arms around her kids and the whole family grins at the camera.

Then, each family member grabs a tube of paint and the scene quickly turns into beautiful chaos. Ashlyn pours red paint on one of her sons, who giggles and responds by pouring green paint on his mom.

In the next shot, Ashlyn and the kids, now covered in multicolored paint, pose for the camera. Both little boys hold up their hands and wave.

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Then, Ashlyn begins tickling one of her sons, who laughs uproariously. Ashlyn’s husband can now be seen in the shot, holding a camera, capturing photos of the adorable scene.

As the video progresses, Ashlyn and her kids continue to spray paint at each other. At one point, Ashlyn’s son puts his paint-covered hands on her face, leaving tiny handprints on her cheeks.

The video ends with Ashlyn picking up both of her sons and approaching the camera. The whole family is clearly having the time of their lives with the messy photoshoot.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Ashlyn’s brilliant photoshoot idea—or her adorable toddlers!

“I absolutely love your young family. Y’all are the cutest,” one viewer wrote.

“Great idea, mommy!” another TikToker commented.

“Catching real smiles instead of making them ‘sit perfect’ for pictures and now this is a fun memory too!” another viewer chimed in.

Ashlyn’s paint photoshoot idea certainly looks like fun for the whole family!

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