Mom-to-be calls out mother over her ‘insane’ post-pregnancy plans: ‘She is totally out of line’

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A mom-to-be is fed up with her overbearing mother’s behavior.

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. The Reddit poster’s mom is constantly inserting herself into her pregnancy arrangements. When the mom insisted she be there after her grandbaby was born, the Reddit poster completely lost her cool.

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“I’m 30 weeks pregnant, and I have a lot of appointments I have to go to about 45 minutes away,” she explained. “My husband broke his leg over the holidays, and I’ve been told I’m not allowed to drive because of one of my complications, so we’ve been trying our best to manage with all of that. One thing we’ve been doing is paying a good friend of ours $50 and a homemade dinner to drive me to appointments.”

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“I casually mentioned it to my mom, and she threw a fit and said she would drive me. I declined as I was comfortable with the arrangement with our friend. Well, last week, my mom knew I had an appointment, so she ‘coincidentally’ came to drop some stuff off right before and insisted on driving me.”

The mother was more of a nuisance than a helping hand when she drove the mom-to-be.

“We were almost late because she insisted on stopping for Starbucks in the city,” she wrote. “I got bad news in the appointment, and she just complained about how bored she had been. Then she said she wanted to stop at a friend’s house because they wanted to see me. I snapped at her. I told her absolutely not, and I needed to be home NOW. She was quiet the rest of the drive, and as we were getting close to my house, she said, ‘Well, if we don’t do things for family, maybe I’ll cancel my flight and not come help you the week the baby is born.’

“I didn’t know about this flight. She booked the flight the week I’m supposed to deliver without consulting me. She won’t have a place here. I told her there would be no space for her as I’d asked my mother-in-law to be there the few weeks leading up to labor. We were about 15 mins from my place at the time so she told me to get out of the car and left. I walked the rest of the way home sobbing.”

Redditors thought the grandmother-to-be was completely in the wrong.

“The fact your mom made you walk 15 minutes while 30 weeks pregnant is insane,” a user said.

“She is totally out of line,” another wrote.

“Your mother is unable to consider your needs above her own,” someone commented.

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