"Mom, I Am A Rich Man," And 16 Other Times Celebrities Gagged Their Interviewers

"Mom, I Am A Rich Man," And 16 Other Times Celebrities Gagged Their Interviewers

Recently, I came across a tweet that asked people to name all the times celebrities "gagged" their interviewers (aka, all the moments celebs left their interviewers stunned, speechless, caught off guard, or corrected).

The replies and examples shared were tooooo good, so I thought I'd go through and round up some of my favorites for you. Here we go:

1.When Woody Allen asked Twiggy her views on "serious matters," like who her favorite philosopher was, and she turned the question back on him:

A person asks another, "Who is your favorite philosopher?" The second person replies, "I haven't got one, I don't know any." Upon being asked, "Who's yours?" the first person responds, "Oh, I like, I like them all." The second person asks, "Who?"

....and he simply could not name one:

Four-frame sequence of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow. Woody asks about philosophers; Mia humorously responds with "all of them" but admits she doesn't know their names

2.When Jimmy Fallon "mistakenly" called RuPaul a drag queen...

RuPaul in a patterned suit and Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show desk holding a Vanity Fair magazine featuring RuPaul on the cover

...and RuPaul had Jimmy stand corrected:

RuPaul in a checkered suit holding and showing a book while sitting beside Jimmy Fallon in a suit on a talk show set

3.When Eartha Kitt couldn't stop laughing after being asked if she'd compromise for a man:

Eartha Kitt, in 'All by Myself: The Eartha Kitt Story' (1982) by Christian Blackwood, is seen in a brown cardigan, expressing various emotions while seated outdoors

4.When Lady Gaga shut down Anderson Cooper's anti-trans question on whether or not she has a penis:

Anderson Cooper interviews Lady Gaga on 60 Minutes. Lady Gaga has elaborate eye makeup and long, light hair. They are seated and engaged in conversation
CBS News / Via youtube.com

5.Additionally, because she's no stranger to clapbacks, when an interviewer asked Lady Gaga if she thought sexual references would undermine her music, and she tore them to shreds in the most eloquent, yet sickening way possible:

Lady Gaga in a black outfit with a large purple bow and sunglasses, holding a yellow microphone during an interview

6.When Katharine Hepburn, who famously wore pants at a time when women were primarily wearing skirts, snapped back at Barbara Walters when Walters asked if she ever wore a skirt in 1981:

Barbara Walters interviews Katharine Hepburn on a talk show set. Hepburn wears a blue and pink outfit, Walters wears a cardigan over a blouse

7.When Dancing With The Stars judges critiqued Simone Biles' stage personality and host Tom Bergeron commented on how she wasn't smiling back to the judges, Simone hit them with this:

Simone Biles being interviewed by a man in a suit on a stage, flanked by two dance partners in coordinated dance outfits

8.When an interviewer wouldn't stop asking about how Anne Hathaway fit into the Catwoman costume, and Anne replied with this perfect response:

Anne Hathaway in an interview with a man. Multiple frames show her reacting humorously to questions about her fitness routine for a role in The Dark Knight Rises
ExtraTV / Via youtube.com

9.When an interviewer asked Britney Spears if Justin Timberlake (her boyfriend at the time) was jealous to see her kissing her co-star in the movie Crossroads, and Britney schooled them:

Britney Spears wearing a black leather hat and a sheer black top with puffed sleeves, speaking and smiling at a press conference

10.This list would simply not be complete without including the time Ellen accused Dakota Johnson of not inviting her to her birthday party, and Dakota called her out with the iconic "Actually, no — that's not the truth, Ellen" line:

Dakota Johnson in a red and black plaid outfit being interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres in a holiday-themed set with decorated trees and flowers in the background

I had this as my Twitter bio for nearly three years.

The Ellen Show / Via youtube.com

Not to mention when Ellen doubled down, Dakota brought the RECEIPTS asking Ellen's producer (who was off-stage) to confirm that Ellen was, indeed, invited:

Dakota Johnson in a black patterned dress and Ellen DeGeneres in a dark suit talk on a holiday-decorated set during a TV interview
The Ellen Show / Via youtube.com

11.Also, when Ellen called Kim Kardashian's son's gold chain fake, and Kim delivered this reply:

Ellen DeGeneres interviews Kim Kardashian on a talk show set with scenic palm tree backdrop. Kim wears an elegant black outfit, Ellen in a casual green suit

12.When Joe Rogan said, "They all do the same move," while watching clips from RuPaul's Drag Race, and Miley Cyrus quickly responded, "That's what I think when I watch your shows, too. You know, all the same stuff."

Miley Cyrus is being interviewed on a podcast while discussing a performance by Kennedy Davenport shown in a small inset. Miley is animated and expressive

13.When Ariana Grande had to combat sexist interview questions from two male radio DJs:

Top and bottom: a man in glasses and red headphones at a radio studio. Middle: Ariana Grande speaking into a microphone

The interview only got worse when one of the hosts suggested the unicorn emoji was for "girls" (yes, this was a very 2015 interview; a new emoji update had just come out):

Ariana Grande wears a black outfit and space buns, speaking into a microphone during an interview at Power 106, with an unidentified male in red headphones
Power 106 Los Angeles / Via youtube.com

14.When Tom Hardy shut down a reporter with this line after they asked about his "ambiguous" sexuality:

Tom Hardy with tattoos on his arms, wearing a casual t-shirt, speaks at a press event for the Toronto International Film Festival
Toronto International Film Festival / Via youtube.com

15.When an interviewer asked Cher about her views on men...

Cher discusses her views on men in an interview, explaining that men are a luxury, not a necessity. She clarifies that she loves men and finds them cool
NBC / Via youtube.com

...and then delivered this legendary line:

A woman discusses a conversation with her mother in a video interview, saying, "My mom said to me, 'You should marry a rich man.' I said, 'Mom, I am a rich man.'"
NBC / Via youtube.com

16.When a group of white people suggested Tupac's music promoted "cop killing" on a talk show panel in 1993, and he corrected them that his music talks about police brutality, not "cop killing" as the media liked to frame it:

Several men, including a man wearing a white cap and black jacket in a lively discussion on a talk show

17.And lastly, in the same interview, when Tupac asked, "What do you know about my people?" after a condescending white woman suggested his music was a bad influence on "his people."

Tupac asks a white woman, "What do you know about my people?... Just because you give charity, give money, wipe the guilt away, does not mean you know about the young black males and females in today's society."

Aannnd, that's a wrap! What are some of your favorite celebrity interview moments or clapbacks? Let me know in the comments.

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