Aussie singer reveals newborn's serious health condition

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor

Australian singer Mollie McClymont has shared some news about her newborn baby’s health, after welcoming her little girl just last month.

Taking to Instagram on Friday, the musician revealed her daughter Elky has hip dysplasia – a condition where the complications in the baby’s hip forming. 

According to Healthy Hips Australia, “one in 20 babies born full-term [in Australia] have some hip instability at birth” and “this increases to one in 10 when a family history of the condition is present”.

Molly and husband Aaron also share a young son Ned. Source: Instagram/molmcclymont

In Elky’s place, it’s the latter.

“Three days ago we got told our little girl has hip dysplasia (thanks to our awesome family genetics),” Molly wrote on Instagram. 

“Which means she has to wear a harness 24 hours a day for the next six weeks,” she continued.

“Unfortunately most of the clothes that have been bought for her, she can’t wear as her legs need to be in the frog position and need to fit over the harness.”

Mollie went on to explain the struggles on Friday as the weather was particularly cooler.

“Today was freezing, and I couldn’t put any pants on her as none fit the harness and the poor thing was so cold getting in and out of the car until I could wrap a blanket around her,” said Mollie.

The singer went on to share that in a beautiful twist of fate, her friend just happened to gift “a few clothing items made for babies with hip dysplasia that go over the harness and cover her legs”.

“Thank you Rach, we love you very much and I’ll be going online to get some more for her because they are 100% cotton and are keeping her very warm,” she continued.

“Fingers crossed the harness will be off in six weeks and we can get back to cuddling her however we want.” 

Our fingers are crossed for Elky too.

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