Models Reveal The True Cost Of Wearing Heels At Fashion Week

Fashion bloggers might be embracing the humble flat shoe this week, but unfortunately some designer’s missed the practical memo at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

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Models have been forced to hit the runway in some seriously sky-high heels, with a number of professional pony-walkers clearly struggling to make it down the catwalk stretch at all.

Spotted at the Bec & Bridge show on Tuesday: three models were unable to walk in the chosen sky-high Toni Bianco x Bec & Bridge stems, opting to go barefoot on the catwalk instead, a source told Yahoo7.

A model poses backstage at the Bec & Bridge show.
A model poses backstage at the Bec & Bridge show.
A number of models at Bec & Bridge went barefoot.
A number of models at Bec & Bridge went barefoot.

Sunday's Toni Maticevski show saw one poor model take a tumble on the runway thanks to her vertiginous heels (and possibly a slippery runway).

And over the course of the week, we’ve seen several lose their balance or trip in heels that were clearly not made for strutting.

High heels backstage at fashion week.
High heels backstage at fashion week.

Backstage, one model told Yahoo7 Lifestyle that the majority of shoes called in for the shows are a size 40 sample size – the equivalent to about a size 10 (ie: pretty massive). While most of the girls are tall, their feet aren’t necessarily the same size, making for some uncomfortable moments for those over a size 40 or several sizes below.

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“Your entire skeleton is affected by heels but the issues start at the feet,” Jacqueline Sutera, a surgically trained doctor of podiatric medicine and spokesperson for the APMA told Yahoo7.

“Wearing high heels day after day puts you at risk for a long list of foot problems, including calluses, ingrown toenails, hammertoes, bunions, sesamoiditis, tendonitis, a permanently shortened Achilles tendon, stress fractures, and sprained ankles.”

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