How 70-year-old model Twiggy stays looking youthful

Model Twiggy at the Goodwood Revival in Chichester on 14 September 2019 [Photo: Getty]

Twiggy turns 70 today.

Yep, unbelievably, the supermodel and style icon has reached her eighth decade, not that her age-defying looks would have you believe it.

“I am growing older gracefully as I always said I would,” she told Sunday Post.

“I’m enjoying getting older.”

Born Lesley Lawson, Dame Twiggy Lawson shot to fame as a model in the sixties with her trade-mark kohl-rimmed eyes and androgynous cropped blonde hair.

Known as “the face of the Sixties”, Twiggy was found on the covers of Vogue and Tatler, and quickly became a British cultural icon continuing a five-decade long career which included award-nominated acting roles on stage, TV and film, designing high-street clothing lines, recording music records and writing an autobiography.

Twiggy, pictured at the Goodwood Revival in Chichester last week, turns 70 today [Photo: Getty]

Despite being best-known as the elfin, teenager in the iconic black-and-white images, over the years Twiggy has reinvented herself to ensure she has never fallen out of fashion.

So what’s the secret to her youthful looks?

“There isn’t a secret really,” she tells Scotsman. “I look after my skin – I don’t go to bed without taking off my make-up, I make sure I get enough sleep, I drink plenty of water and I get exercise with pilates or simply walking, especially when we are at our home in Suffolk – walks to the pub are very popular!”

Perhaps it also has something to do with the fact she doesn’t fear the ageing process.

“I don’t think about my age or ageing,” she told the publication.

“I know people can get depressed about being a certain age, but I don’t see the point of that; there’s nothing you can do about it and you can’t stop time passing, so you might as well celebrate it.”

And though the 70-year-old looks after herself, she doesn’t spend too much time worrying about what she eats.

“I’m certainly not fanatical about looking after myself. I love food and cooking and eat mostly organic, but I’ve never dieted – I was 6st 7lbs when I was a teenager and I’m 8st 7lbs now.”

The fashion star doesn’t sweat the changes to her skin and body that tend to go hand in hand with getting older either.

“I’m not going to say I’m in love with my wrinkles, but I’ve certainly learnt to live with them,” she said in an interview with The Mirror.

“They’re a natural part of being human, so there’s no point wishing them away.”

When it comes to how her style has changed over the decades, Twiggy admits to sticking to what she knows and loves.

"I love tailored jackets and a slightly boyish style with lots of trousers,” she told Hello! going on to say she knows what works for a woman of her age.

“I don't find it attractive to over-expose your body. My all-time favourite outfit is a tuxedo trouser suit. I have had one in my wardrobe since the mid-1960s."

And it was a tuxedo suit the star turned to when she was awarded her damehood for services to fashion, the arts and charity earlier this year.

Not one to put a style step out of place, the fashion icon met Prince Charles in a chic £1,645 co-ord by Stella McCartney.

Happy Birthday Twiggy long may your style reign continue!