'The model we have at the minute is exciting'

Vincent Kompany
Vincent Kompany

Burnley's Chief Operating Officer Matt Williams explained the Clarets' approach to the 2023-24 season to BBC Radio Lancashire and believes there are reasons to be excited by the current model at the club: "We're looking at the best young talent we can afford for Vincent [Kompany] to grow into Premier League elite players. If we can stay up this season, then those players will have doubled in value whilst they've been with us.

"Historically, under previous owners, Burnley have aimed to sign Premier League experienced players coming towards the end of their careers, but I think the model we have at the minute is exciting and we won't know until May how successful that's been.

"The only person that we signed who was over the age of 25 was Nathan Redmond. People forget that Nathan's been around for 13 years, but he's only 29.

"It's a case of getting our squad age down. When we were relegated from the Premier League we had the oldest average age squad, now we probably have the youngest.

"The sooner Vincent can get those players to gel the better, he's relishing the time in the training ground to get these players used to the Premier League."

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