Model furious after man gets her number from coronavirus app

Sarah Carty
·Lifestyle Editor
·2-min read

A model has been left fuming after a bar worker got her number from a coronavirus app she used to order drinks from.

Lucy Dixon, a 32-year-old dancer and personal trainer from the UK, was shocked when she got a text out of the blue from a man named Tom saying: “Hey gorgeous, hope you’re well?xx”

Lucy Dixon
Lucy Dixon was left furious after a man sent her a message after getting her number from a coronavirus app. Photo: Facebook/Lucy Dixon

When Lucy wrote back asking who it was, he replied with a photo of himself, saying he was working the night she came into the bar.

“How did you get my number?” a clearly disturbed Lucy wrote back, with Tom claiming he got it from her Instagram account.

Lucy wrote back, saying she doesn’t have her number on her social media page, which Tom totally ignored, asking her where she is from.

Woman messaged by guy at bar after he gets her number from app
The man messaged Lucy after getting her number from the system at a bar he works at. Photo: Facebook/Lucy Dixon

“Have you taken my number from when I ordered drinks through the app last night,” Lucy replied, with Tom writing back: “Maybe” and a smiling face emoji.

She went on to let him know that what he had done was against the law, with Tom finally getting the hint that he had stepped over the line, writing back: “As I said, I’m sorry so I’ll leave it”.

Restaurants and bars are required to take customers’ details at the moment, should a coronavirus outbreak occur at the establishment.


Lucy claimed Tom was in breach of the General Data Protection Regulation act by taking her number from the system.

“Track and Trace, and bars having to take down your details in order for you to be there these days. And this is exactly what should never happen. A complete breach of GDPR. Currently getting to the bottom of how and why this has happened. Surely these are meant to be secure databases no?” Lucy wrote on Facebook.

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