What to look for in a bikini according to Aussie model Laura Wells

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor
Australian model Laura Wells opens up about what she looks for in a good swimsuit. Photo: Instagram/iamlaurawells

Long gone are the days when one-pieces and bikinis were the only two options you had to consider when swimsuit shopping.

Now there’s extreme g-strings, flossies, front thongs and underboob bikinis thrown into the mix, and it’s understandable if you have your knickers in a twist on what to buy for your next beach day out.

According to Australian model Laura Wells, if it’s not practical, it’s not worth going into your shopping bag.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, the body positivity advocate says some of the extreme flesh-baring trends mentioned before are pushing the boundaries beyond practicality.

“Everyone is trying to push it a little bit further and reinvent something, but if it’s something that’s not actually usable, then it’s not really on my radar,” she says.

Laura says comfort and support are big things to look at when buying a bikini. Photo: Supplied/Bras N Things

Comfort is the key and with that comes support.

“Usually I find something that’s got a little bit of support as I’m pretty active as well,” explains Laura.

She emphasises the importance of women feeling confident in what they are wearing, both from a comfort perspective, but also aesthetically. After all, why not make a fashion statement while out at sea?

“I like something that gives me support but also looks nice as well. I’m probably more of a bikini person myself.”

Laura says some of the extreme flesh-baring trends (like these pictured) are pushing the boundaries beyond practicality. Photo: Instagram/ohpolly

As one of the faces of Bras N Things’ ‘Meet Me In Paradise’ swimwear campaign, Laura says she’s stoked to see the collection cater for up to a F cup and size 18.

“In the last two years, size ranges for swimwear have really increased and become more inclusive so it’s been a little easier. However, before that when I was younger, I was trying to find a swimsuit that fits E cup boobs and it was really difficult,” the model admits.

“You would end up with crop tops or something else that was swim appropriate, that’s all you could find.

“Now it’s awesome to see so much out there on the market and then with Bras N Things launching this, it’s right up my alley.”

Laura Wells, Jade Tuncdoruk and Tegan Martin in the 'Meet Me In Paradise’ campaign. Photo: Supplied/Bras N Things

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