'Biggest shock of my life': Model gives birth not knowing she was pregnant

Penny Burfitt
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Erin and Daniel pose with surprise baby Isla May. Photo: Instagram/dan_carty

In the ‘biggest shock of her life’, a Melbourne model has given birth to a baby girl she had no idea was on the way.

22-year-old Erin Langmaid went to the bathroom with a stomach ache in her Geelong home two weeks ago, and to her and boyfriend Daniel’s complete shock, welcomed a baby girl just 10 minutes later.

The petite mum says she was completely unaware of her pregnancy with no baby bump, sickness, cravings or abnormalities hinting at the bub’s presence throughout the whole 37-week term.

She says she was also taking contraceptive shots at the time, meaning the possibility of a pregnancy wasn’t even on her radar until she started having pains one day, and was holding a baby the next.

Erin was completely unaware of her pregnancy until she was holding Isla in her arms. Photo: Instagram/erinlangmaid

Speaking to Sunrise, the new mum and dad explained how it all unfolded, saying Erin had some stomach pains the day before, and then went to the bathroom where within 10 minutes, she gave birth to baby girl Isla May.

“It was the biggest shock of my life,” she told the breakfast show. “It was over in about five or ten minutes.”

Daniel said when he heard Erin scream from the bathroom, her never imagined he would walk in to two people on the bathroom floor.

“I heard a big scream and I ran in there and opened the door and I was worried about her, and then I saw the little one and I thought, ‘hang on, there's two’,” Daniel said.

Posting to Instagram, the dad went into a little more detail on the jaw-dropping discovery and on the pair’s reaction to becoming parents in less than 10 minutes.

“To Erin the courage you have shown is something I didn’t think possible, you are an incredible person and will be an amazing mum,” the doting dad gushed.

“Now after a big week we look forward to life as a little fam with the most gorgeous new little addition and all the great things that come with that!”

The couple is taking the surprise in their stride, seemingly besotted with baby Isla. Photo: Instagram/erinlangmaid

The couple has shared snaps with their adorable surprise to Instagram and Facebook and seem besotted with their baby girl, but it was not an easy road, as the couple explained.

Baby Isla was blue and not breathing when Daniel discovered mum and bub, and he had to call emergency services.

The bub was born at 37 weeks, and after a trip to the hospital, and what Erin described as ‘the hardest week of our lives’ on Instagram, both are doing well.

Photos on social media show the new mum blissfully unaware of Isla’s presence in the lead up to the birth.

Still a petit size 8, Erin posed in her usual outfits and enjoyed nights out, saying she had no trouble fitting into her clothes, and felt absolutely fine until the day before.

Erin's Instagram feed shows the months of invisible pregnancy. Photo: Instagram/erinlangmaid

The phenomenon of a symptomless pregnancy is often called a cryptic pregnancy.

A variety of factors can suppress classic symptoms of pregnancy, the mother’s frame and size can mean the bump stays more or less hidden and the use of contraceptives means often the mum won’t even think to consider pregnancy.

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