ModelCo releases $49 game-changing self tanning product

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ModelCo fake take drying powder
ModelCo has released a self tanning drying powder so you don't have to go out with that sticky skin feeling again. Photo: Supplied

Summer is on its way, and we’d all like to look like beachy, bronzed goddesses throughout the hotter months. 

Gone are the days of sunbeds and extended amount of time in the sun, oiled up - by now, we know just how important SPF is.

That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your tan, though.

Fake tan is an easy and low-risk way to get that sunkissed glow. 

For many tan lovers, they have a weekly routine to scrub off the old layer and slap on a new one - we’ve heard Thursday nights are the go.


For others, it may be applied just before an event or night out with your friends.

Of course, there’s always a risk in applying self-tan. 

You risk staining your clothes or sheets or furniture, or you risk having your flawless tan run or smudge by moving around before it’s dry. 

At least, that used to be an issue before Model & Co came out with their new Self-Tan Drying Powder.

Self-Tan Drying Powder
The revolutionary product will cut down your tanning time, as well as save your clothing and sheets from turning orange. Source: ModelCo

ModelCo Self-Tan Drying Powder, $49.00

Typically, when you put on tan, you have to hang around in the nude a bit before you can risk putting any clothing on. 

Even then, certain body parts such as elbows, the backs of knees, and stomach, can continue to feel sticky for extended periods.

Model&Co have come out with their innovative new Self-Tan Drying Powder, which instantly mattifies any excess oil and moisture without making your skin look dry. 

Close up of a before and after of Self-Tan Drying Powder on the skin.
The Self-Tan Drying Powder soaks up all the excess moisture and oils on your skin for a mattifying effect. Source: ModelCo

The loose powder comes with a fluffy application brush and a clear cosmetic case.

As well as cutting your tanning time down and allowing you to get on with your day, it also reduces the risk of transfer to clothes and sheets and helps you feel fresh and clean.

Bonus, it’s peach-scented, which is just the cherry (or peach) on top.

Close up of model's torso, she's holding a Tan Remover Exfoliating Soap.
As part of your tan routine, remove old colour with the Tan Remover Exfoliating Soap for an exfoliated, clean base. Source: ModelCo

Tan Remover Exfoliating Soap, $12.00

The powder is designed to be used as part of your regular tanning routine. First, if you have any old or patchy self-tanner on, remove it with Model&Co’s Tan Remover Exfoliating Soap - an exfoliating, nourishing body bar.

Next, apply tan as usual with your Model&Co Tanning Mousse for a flawless, luminous bronzed colour. After your tan is all on, dust your Drying Powder all over your body, with additional layers on your stickiest body parts - and you’re done!

ModelCo Tan Mousse
Apply the ModelCo Tan Mousse for a flawless, golden-brown tan before applying your Drying Powder. Source: ModelCo

Model&Co Tanning Mousse, $25

After these three easy steps, you're all good to go about your day, without worrying about excess tan transferring off!

The Self-Tan Drying Powder has a five-star rating, with rave reviews pouring in from customers.

“I am obsessed with this product!! It is so convenient for when I am on the go and want to be tanned but don't have time to let it dry. Now I can just apply this powder, and it dries straight away. It doesn't leave my tan sticky and also evens out the tan!!”

Another said, “This product is a game-changer for my tanning routine!!! I was so quick to try this as soon as it came out, and I am so glad I did. It is so good for when I am on the run and don’t have time. I can put my clothes on straight after I tan instead of having to let my tan dry so it doesn't get on my clothes. Best invention ever!!! Highly recommend for everyone to try it!”

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