Model calls out body shaming trolls after her transformation

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An Australian bikini designer who models her own range, has hit back at the haters who called her 'fat' after she showed off her impressive booty gains.

Karina Irby, who owns popular swimwear brand Moana Bikini, is not shy when it comes to flaunting her amazing figure while wearing her designs on Instagram.

But when the 28-year-old revealed some side-by-side progress pics of her "peachy booty gains” she made sure to call out the 'trolls' who now view the model as 'fat'.

Moana Bikini designer Karina Irby revealed her booty transformation and hit back at the 'trolls' who called her fat. Source: Instagram / karinairby

"Here is a transformation photo for your debating pleasure," she started her caption.

"Anyone who thinks girls run out and get over night surgeries or photo editors think again! Humans bodies do naturally change! I know mine has over the years and looking back on old photos blows my mind."

Karina Irby shows off her 10 year fitness transformation. Source: Instagram / karinairby

"Trolls will comment that I’m now “fat” BUT in reality I’m a happy healthy lady," Karina posted.

"Yes I’ve gained weight, both fat and muscle but I’m now training 4 times a week and eating for my body. It’s crazy what eating and weights can do."

She talks of her prior body and mindset as 'unhealthy' as she wasn't eating much or exercising right.

Now she writes she's, "9kgs heavier and feeling better than ever!"

"I'm so thankful I got educated and not just from a "looks" perspective, but a health and fitness perspective," she says.

Crediting her transformation to eating well and lifting weights, Karina is now full of body confidence and often says she's never felt better.

Karina now boasts body confidence and uses that for her Moana Bikini designs. Source: Instagram / karinairby

"That feeling when you’re happy, content and confident with yourself and the person you have become."

And her brand Moana shares this same body confidence persona with cheeky-cut bikinis for girls to "feel comfortable, confident and carefree in their own skin."

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