MKR's Stella and Jazzey take last semi final spot

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In a series first, My Kitchen Rules said goodbye to two teams at once, truffle farmers Henry and Anna and Russian’s Olga and Valeria on Tuesday night’s episode.

This left Western Australian waitresses Stella and Jazzey taking the last and final spot in the MKR semi-finals, with a chance to become My Kitchen Rules champions and take home the $250,000 prize money.

Stella and Jazzey took out the last remaining spot in the semi-finals. Source: Seven

The friends wowed with their seafood soup and Japanese infused lamb roast, leaving some of the judges speechless on how far the girls have advanced with their cooking skills.

“You’ve produced two near perfect dishes,” Pete gushed. “[Your lamb] It tasted good ladies, it tasted real good.”

Pete Evans along with the rest of the judges were very impressed with the quality of the girls’ dishes. Source: Seven

“Your dishes were all well balanced, and well seasoned,” Colin told them. “Really nice work ladies, you’ve stepped up your game in this competition.”

“And your miso butter,” Manu added. “Me so happy.”

They wowed the judges with their perfectly cooked Japanese-style roast lamb. Source: Seven

With the girls securing their spot in the semi finals it seems the place comes at a price.

Speaking exclusively to Be on Tuesday night, the girls admitted that the pressure and anxiety in the competition was hard to deal with, but all worth it in the end.

The judges were more than impressed with the advancement of the girls’ cooking skills. Source: Seven

“The whole completion was physically and mentally draining,” Stella shared.  “But it was worth it.”

“We learnt so much more than just about cooking,” she added.

“Even how to deal with life problems,” Jazzy said. “Including how to deal with pressure and anxiety, you wouldn’t believe what a cooking competition can teach you.”

“We felt like we fought so hard for our position,” Jazzey told Be. “And f*** we’ve got to fight in the semi-finals now.” Source: Seven

“We knew that spot was ours,” Stella confessed to Be. “We deserved it.”

To follow the rest of their cooking journey, tune in and watch My Kitchen Rules at 7:30pm on Seven.

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