Paige's frantic hospital visit

Paige's nightmares came true behind the scenes on My Kitchen Rules' when she went from filleting a fish to emergency surgery.

After injuring her hand during a break from filming, the popular contestant was rushed to hospital to save her hand – and was forced to skip an all-important challenge, putting her team’s future on the show in jeopardy.

MKR's Paige in hospital.
MKR's Paige in hospital.

MKR's Paige in hospital.

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‘I actually thought that we were going to get asked to leave,’ Paige tells New Idea.

‘I tried to delay the surgery so we could do the challenge and the surgeon said that it was a dirty fish so it would have gone gangrenous.'

The incident occurred in the pair's hotel room when Paige was attempting to show Rosie, 37, how to scale a fish.

‘I was scaling the snapper with a butter knife and my hand just slipped on the bottom of the fish and the pectoral fin of this stupid snapper hit me in my thumb and snapped off,' she explains.

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The bubbly blonde was then rushed to hospital where even doctors could not remove the fin.

‘I ended up having to go to see a hand surgeon the next day and I cried on the surgeon’s table,’ she says.

While Paige managed to struggle through the next challenge, she reveals the injury has had lasting effects.

‘It’s still tender and numb. It’s a weird pain.’

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