Did MKR's Olga and Valeria really cheat?

Emma Shepherd
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It was one of the most controversial episodes in My Kitchen Rules history after one team was accused of cheating when failing to fit a cooking brief.

Russians Olga and Valeria were accused of cheating after pan-frying their protein during a roasting competition, leaving the onlooking teams shocked and appalled.

Russians Olga and Valeria get serious backlash from other teams after failing to stick to the cooking brief. Source: Seven

“Oh my god what are they doing?!” Josh said.  “What the f***, I can’t look,” Nic added.

“A roast is in the oven, what is she doing?” Nic shouted. “They’re cheating, that’s a red card isn’t it?”

“I’m just angry just watching them,” Suong interjected. “They’re actually making me feel sick.”

The other contestants were furious watching Olga and Valeria pan-fry their duck breast when it was a roast competition. Source: Seven

And unfortunately for Olga and Valeria, their quick decision to pan-fry their duck breast during their cook-off after over-cooking their first batch in the oven jeopardised their position in the competition and the girls were sent packing.

The judges sent the girls packing leaving waitresses Stella and Jazzy to take the final spot in the semi-finals. Source: Seven

“Unfortunately guys it was a roast challenge,” Colin told them, adding “and you barbecued your duck”.

“Olga and Valeria your time in this competition is up,” Pete said.

“I don’t think you’ve seen our best in this competition,” Valeria confessed.

Olga and Valeria said they wont give up their dream, and will come back to MKR with a new strategy. Source: Seven

“We’ll go home and try and reinvent ourselves and come back in 10 years,” Olga joked.

“The competition has been richer having you two in it,” Colin said.

To see who will take home the winning spot and the $250,000 prize money stay tuned and watch My Kitchen Rules at 7:30pm on Seven.

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