MKR's Kim and Suong put up a fight for semi finals spot

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It hasn’t been an easy journey for Melbourne mums Kim and Suong, from leaving their families behind to unexpected hospital trips.

But after tonight’s episode of My Kitchen Rules it seemed all the pressure and anxiety has paid off for these hard-working mums as they secured their spot in the semi finals alongside Italian brothers Josh and Nic and lovebirds Alex and Emily.

It was thanks to their killer dishes, in particular their seafood congee that wowed the judges.

Mothers Kim and Suong won the third spot in the semi finals after an exhausting cook-off at My Kitchen Rules headquarters. Source: Seven

“Ladies your main of seafood congee was perfect,” Manu said.

“I’ve had a lot of congees before, yours was one of the best I’ve had, simply gorgeous.”

“It was phenomenal ladies,” Pete confessed.

“The amount of flavours you packed in there was unbelievable, for me though the star of the dish was that seafood, it was cooked to perfection.”

Judges Colin, Manu and Pete were more than impressed with the level of quality of dishes the women produced in tonight’s cooking competition. Source: Seven

“Each piece of seafood ladies was cooked to perfection,” Colin then added.

“The stock you made punched some serious flavour, and it paid off well done guys.”

The ladies looked blown away after being told they secured the third spot in the semi-finals with both of them sharing a heartfelt message.

The girls almost ran out of time during the cook, but at the last minute came back with a vengeance and won the whole cook. Source: Seven

“We’ve been dreaming of this moment since we first saw the show on TV,” Kim said while trying to hold back tears.

The Melbourne friends were overjoyed that they secured the third spot in the MKR semi-finals. Source: Seven

“To stand here and be in the semi-finals, this is our dream, this is the dream,” Suong cried.

Suong spoke exclusively to Be last week, sharing how much they’ve learnt in the competition and how much they both want to be the one’s to win the competition and take home the $250,000 prize money.

‘We really want this,’ Suong admitted to Be. Source: Seven

“What we learnt in the competition is to never give up, that’s what we do in life,” she admitted.

“Food is our life, we want to win this, we have left so much behind to be here, and we are not giving up.”

To see who takes the final spot in the semi-finals and to continue watching Kim and Suong’s journey tune in to My Kitchen Rules at 7:30pm on Seven.

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