MKR's Kim and Suong are the first team to make grand final

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It was the most nail-biting episode that we’ve seen on this season of My Kitchen Rules and a battle of traditions that saw two teams go head-to-head for the first spot in the grand final.

Italian brothers Josh and Nic cooked against Vietnamese mums Kim and Suong in a battle that saw both teams push themselves to their limits.

It was full steam ahead for mothers Kim and Suong during their fight for a spot in the My Kitchen Rules grand-final. Source: Seven

However the team who came out on top were mothers Kim and Suong for their almost perfect soup main and fish entrée, winning them the first spot in the final and leaving them both reduced to tears after their stressful cook.

“We’ve had a lot of soups from you ladies,” Pete said. “I’m calling this the dish of the competition.”

Pete Evans commended the ladies on their cooking efforts in tonights cook-off against Josh and Nic. Source: Seven

“My mouth was dancing,” Colin gushed. “It was a great way to start a meal ladies well done.”

“I couldn’t fault this dish, to me it was perfect,” Aussie chef Liz Egan told them.

And with the judges left more than impressed with their efforts, Kim and Suong were left to advance into the grand final.

Kim and Suong’s fish dish wowed the judges with Liz calling it ‘perfect.’ Source: Seven

“We are so grateful to be here,” Kim told them. “We are very proud of each other,” Suong added.

“We didn’t leave our kids behind not to make the grand-final,” Kim said.

Speaking exclusively to Be recently, Suong opened up about how the competition took a toll on her health, however admitted it was all worth it.

Judges Pete and Manu gave out the final scores, leaving Kim and Suong taking the winning spot by a tiny four point difference. Source: Seven

“It was a long competition and all the other contestants and even crew were all run-down,” she said.

“The pressure of not being home and not being with my children, the guilt factor just kicked in,” she admitted.

“This competition, we are fighting for ourselves and our family and friends,” she told Be.

Kim and Suong were left in tears and overjoyed with their critiques. Source: Seven

“We will do anything to win this competition.”

Unfortunately for Italian brothers Josh and Nic, their time in the competition came to an end.

To see who will cook against Kim and Suong at the My Kitchen Rules grand-final on Sunday, watch MKR tomorrow night at 7:30pm on Seven.

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