MKR's Kim and Suong defend Sonya and Hadil

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It was an emotional farewell for Vietnamese mums Kim and Suong after they lost out on taking home the My Kitchen Rules wining title in last night’s finale episode.

Speaking exclusively to Be on Monday, the ladies opened up about the behind-the-scenes drama, what they’re doing now, and defended fellow contestants Sonya and Hadil.

“You can’t judge a book it’s cover,” Kim said after being questioned about Sonya and Hadil’s ‘unacceptable’ dinner table behaviour earlier in the season.

Kim and Suong opened up exclusively to Be, defending Sonya and Hadil’s behaviour. Source: Seven

“They definitely didn’t think about what they were saying,” Kim added.

“Some people have those personalities where if they feel something, then they’ll say it.”

Kim also believed Hadil’s behaviour was from the pressure of the competition and the intense environment.

“When you’re tired and can’t think or focus in a high pressure environment, you sometimes can say the wrong thing and thats what happened,” Kim told Be.

Although the ladies were runners up, they said the experience has opened up many doors for them, with Kim opening up a restaurant which opens in June and Suong writing a cookbook. Source: Seven

And regardless of what it looked like from the viewers’ perspective, the mothers confessed things behind-the-scenes were very different.

“What you see on television is the other side of Hadil,” Kim shared.

“There’s another side of Hadil that is so beautiful, so I’m still in touch with Hadil.”

“There’s a lot of love behind the scenes,” Suong said.

“We are like a big family who all support each other.”

‘Hadil asked us how we are and what we’re doing,’ Kim admitted. ‘Hadil is a gorgeous person, can’t say a bad worked about her.’ Source: Seven

And although the two mothers didn’t win the competition, they said the series has changed their lives for the better.

“This is a platform for us to achieve our goals,” Kim explained. “To achieve our dream and will give us a gigantic push in the right direction.”

“I’m opening up a restaurant called ‘Ms Kims’ and Suong is writing a cookbook named ‘Mama Suong’,” Kim said.

“This opportunity is really amazing and has changed our lives.”

“We would do it all again,” Suong said.

“Maybe when my kids are older, we can come back for round two.”

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