Alex and Emily win My Kitchen Rules 2018

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It has been one of the most controversial seasons of My Kitchen Rules we’ve ever seen, ending with a drama-filled finale tonight which saw Kim and Suong and Alex and Emily battle it out for the title of MKR champions.

Tonight’s episode kept its promise giving all the drama, mixed raw emotions, burnt dishes, a contestant left in tears and a big blow-up backstage during the cook-off.

Alex and Emily has won the title of My Kitchen Rules champion and leaving with $250,000. Source: Seven
They walked away with money that they said will ‘make their dream into a reality.’ Source: Seven

And the competition was tight between the two teams, however there was only one team that could come out on top.

Alex and Emily  were crowned MKR champions of 2018, walking away with a whopping $250,000 which they so desperately fought for.

“Winning MKR is our ticket to getting what we want,” Alex told the viewers. “To making our dream a reality.”

“Everything we’ve worked so hard towards in life, and everything we worked so hard for in the competition,” Emily said while holding back tears.

“We are finally going to own our own restaurant and our own place.”

Manu found it impossible to judge the two teams as the quality in both teams dishes were of a high standard. Source: Seven

The cook-off was neck and neck with Kim and Suong putting up a good fight serving up some beautiful traditional Vietnamese dishes.

Meanwhile Alex and Emily brought sophistication and refinement, leaving the judging table struggling to fault both teams’ dishes.

“This is one close competition,” Pete said.

“This is definitely grand-final quality cooking,” Colin admitted.

But what put Alex and Emily above Kim and Suong in points was receiving all nine out of 10s from every judge, and a perfect score of 10 out of 10 from chef liz Egan who couldn’t fault their five-course degustation menu.

Chef Liz Egan gave Alex and Emily a perfect score of 10 out of 10 for their five-course degustation menu. Source: Seven

“This was a grand final menu in every way,” Liz told them. “Tonight I score you a ten.”

“You are the My Kitchen Rules champions,” Pete announced, leaving the rest of the studio applauding and cheering as gold confetti fell from the roof.

“This is so surreal,” Emily confessed to the viewers. “Pinch me, just pinch me.”

Unfortunately for Kim and Suong they didn’t win, but left feeling like they could accomplish any obstacle in their way. “We have the strength to do anything now,” Kim said. Source: Seven

Unfortunately Kim and Suong had to say goodbye to the hope of the MKR winners’ title and the $250,000 prize money, and left with some teary last words.

“This has been a journey of a lifetime,” Suong shared.

“The best won today, Alex and Emily very proud of you.”

“It’s a well-deserved win,” Kim added.

Well guys… that’s a wrap!


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