MKR's Alex and Emily hit breaking point

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On tonight’s episode of My Kitchen Rules the remaining teams were given a second opportunity to advance to the semi-finals and cook against Italian brothers Josh and Nic who won at the MKR headquarters Thursday night.

And the team who came out on top this evening winning both the cheap eats challenge and luxury dish cook-off were Gold Coast lovebirds Alex and Emily, however the pair couldn’t handle the heat and spent the entire episode arguing with one another.

Emily had an anxiety attack and completely lost her cool after their cheap eats cook-off. Source: Seven

“You can not leave it to the last minute Alex,” Emily shouted. “Put the salmon on the f***ing plate!”

Their fiery feud began when Emily insisted her partner Alex was leaving it too late until he cooked and plated the salmon for their cheap eats dish, sending Emily’s anxiety through the roof and leaving her in tears.

Alex attempted to calm Emily down, but the tension and pressure of their cook got the better of her. Source: Seven

“My anxiety is going through the f***ing roof,” she cried after they plated their meal.

“I’m being serious okay please Alex you can’t do this to me, I cant handle this alright?” she added.

Emily begged Alex to listen to her after continuing to leave cooking their proteins to the last minute.

Alex left it until only 30 seconds on the clock before plating their salmon dish. Source: Seven

The pressure and anxiety was at an all time high, leaving even the Italian brothers upstairs feeling the heat between the couple.

“I can feel the pressure and anxiety from up here,” Josh said to the viewers. “They left it it right to the last second to plate, Emily can’t handle it.”

Emily lost all control and ended up in tears during the rest of the episode. Source: Seven

Alex was then seen trying to comfort Emily after the tears were falling down her face and breaking down from the pressure of their cook.

“Keep it together,” he told her. “Just keep it together we’ve got a beautiful dish.”

Luck was on their side after the judges tasted their salmon dish and gave some positive critiques.

The judges had some positive critiques yet Emily was still unable to pull it together. Source: Seven

“Your salmon dish was perfection on a plate,” Manu said. “I thought your fish was cooked perfectly and overall was well seasoned,” Colin added.

“You two can go a long way in this competition if you work together,” Pete said after all three judges struggled to watch them during their cook, from the mayhem and shouting that took place during the cook.

It seemed the whole cook got the better of Emily, leaving her in tears at the end of the night. Source: Seven

And even after positive feedback from the judges Emily just couldn’t contain the tears.

“Why are you crying Emily,” Colin asked.

“I just feel like we can’t get there,” she cried, adding “it’s just so hard.”

“Emily,” Colin interrupted. “It was a good dish we are at the stage now where we will pick apart every little thing, its not going to get easier,” he said.

To see if Emily is able to handle the pressure of her next cook, stay tuned and watch My Kitchen Rules at 7:30pm on Seven.


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