MKR winners Alex and Emily talk life after the series

Emma Shepherd
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It was the most exciting and intense My Kitchen Rules finale which saw contestants Alex and Emily take home the MKR crown and the $250,000.

Now the couple have opened up exclusively to Be, on what life is like since the show finished filming, and how MKR has impacted their future.

Alex and Emily say the competition has helped them make their dream a reality and are excited for their future together. Source: Seven

“We are so over the moon,” Alex said. “We are an awesome time last night with the other teams celebrating at home.”

“It still so surreal,” Emily admitted. “We wanted this so badly and just so happy with the outcome and our final scores.”

The couple also shared some insight into what the future holds for them.

“We are finally now able to open up a pop-up restaurant/bar which we are really excited about,” said Emily.

‘It’s always been a dream fo ours to open and bar with a small and exciting menu,’ Alex to Be. Source: Seven

“Alex and I really want to stick with showcasing local produce too.

“We have an idea for the name but we are keeping it secret for now as it’s unique and pretty special.”

And although it looked as though the show caused friction in their relationship, Emily said it actually brought them closer together.

“Yes, 100% Alex and I are closer together,” Emily admitted. “We weren’t going to let this competition jeopardise our relationship.”

‘Our pop-up restaurant will be open some time in the summer this year,’ Emily said. ‘We are still pinching ourselves that this has all happened.’ Source: Seven

“If anything, this competition brought us closer together and made us stronger,” she told Be.

Saying that, the couple did say they weren’t going to think about marriage or kids just yet as they wanted to conquer the MKR journey first.

“I think we are focusing on the MKR journey first,” Emily said. “And I may be a bit of a control freak but I’m leaving this one on Alex.”

“I don’t want to pressure him about marriage at all,” she added.

To keep track of Alex and Emily’s movements, stay tuned for the launch of their pop-up restaurant which they say should be open around summer time this year.

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