Miriam Margolyes throws This Morning into chaos with sex talk and swearing

Miriam Margolyes threw This Morning into chaos after swearing live on air twice and not holding back when it came to discussing her sex life, including steaming her vagina.

The 82-year-old actress, who proudly describes herself as an “elderly lesbian”, made hosts Holly Willoughby and Josie Gibson blush and howl with laughter in equal measures as they were forced to apologise several times during her frank appearance on the ITV daytime show.

“My friends say I haven’t changed but I’ve always been as naughty and outspoken as I am now,” the Harry Potter star began.

“What I have learnt is to be kind. Otherwise I’m sort of perfect really. I’m 82, I fart a lot, p*** a lot, but I’m still going.”

She continued: “I’ve just come back from Austria and I went to a rocker place and I steamed my yoni [slang for female genitalia]. It did me a world of good. You put a big saucepan with some mint and you put it in a bed pan and spread you legs. It’s peaceful and pleasant. It has awoke....”

Margolyes revealed that while she is happy to talk about it, sex is no longer for her, as she continued: “Sex is not for me now, it is not what it is in life but I will advise and talk about it.

“Bottoms are friendly if a man flies his... but you can touch bottoms.”

She added: “Daniel Radcliffe said I farted and it’s true.”

Meanwhile, speaking of her Vogue cover from June this year, Margoyles shared: “I thought it was a hoax my agent wrote to them and said would I be on the gay pride issue.

“I was happy to take it. Because I’m an elderly lesbian and they prettied me up. My partner won’t read the book because she’s in it and she is shy and she is a well-behaved 80 year old. She is my rock and I adore her and I am grateful we are still together after 50 years.”

Later on in the show, Margolyes found herself in hot water while turning agony aunt for viewers who had called in.

She had some choice words for one caller who shared their dismay about her partner not paying attention to her when he came home from work.

Advising the woman to speak to her partner about her feelings, she then made the cheeky suggestion that she strip naked and “showed him what she’s got”.

She then told the women to take his phone away from him and order him to put the ‘f****** phone away’”.

While she mouthed the swear word, Willoughby was quick to jump in and say sorry to those watching, telling a protesting Margolyes that although she didn’t audibly swear, viewers could still work out what was said.

There was no mistaking her turn of phrase moments later when she accidentally said the word ‘s**’*’ while counselling the next caller on their nightmare neighbour, who was causing them to become unwell.

She told the person to speak to the annoying neighbours and explain her predicament, how her health is becoming affected by the situation.

She went on: “And then if they’re still like that, throw the s*** over the wall!”

Realising her error, Margolyes put her hand over her mouth and said: “Oh sorry!”

Having had the colourful character on the show a number of times over the years, it was like water off a duck’s back to Willoughby, who apologised to viewers before telling Margoyles: “You felt so comfortable that you forgot yourself for a moment there, but it’s fine.”