Miranda Kerr: Women Shouldn't Be So Tough On Themselves

Miranda Kerr: Women Shouldn't Be So Tough On Themselves

First up, what new season trends are you loving at the moment?
I’m really loving the pattern on pattern effect and the clash of prints. There's a lot of embellishment around at the moment too which I really like when it's done subtly. See here with these shoes? (Miranda shows off a black Valentino pump with a studded heel). I really like the way it can dress up an outfit without trying too hard.

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You’re the Queen of street style – what’s your secret?
That’s so funny you say that because when I’m at home I’m just in my robe with no shoes, no hair, no makeup – I’m just really relaxed! But then when I go out I’m going to work – I’m going to a photoshoot or an event or a show, so I dress up and have fun with it.

But at the same time, I don’t want people to have unrealistic expectations and think, “oh that’s how she is everyday” because it’s not – when I’m not working I just want to be at home with my boys (husband Orlando Bloom and son Flynn). I don’t even want to leave the house! I’m a homebody.

So you get the trackies out?
Well, my robe anyway (laughs).

Speaking of unrealistic expectations, what are your thoughts on the mentality that women can/can’t have it all?
I really feel that if you do the best you can everyday, then that’s all you can do. There are decisions that you make for yourself and for your family that no-one else should have a say in. I feel like as women we put too much pressure on ourselves to try and be everything to everyone.

That's why I think it's really important to take time out for yourself. It’s nice for me to come home and just completely relax and get in touch with that feminine side of myself – I find cooking really relaxing for example, and I love just being outside in the garden with my son. Those simple things are really what make life worthwhile.

Finish these sentences:
My favourite Australian designers are...
Ooh that's a difficult one! That’s like asking who my favourite child is! I grew up with these designers and I know them all intimately so I couldn’t even pick one!

If I was stranded on a desert island, my go-to beauty product would be...
It’d be Kora Hydrating Mask (from Miranda's skincare line); it’s really good. Sometimes I put it on overnight and I leave it on as a treatment. It’s amazing, try it! You’ll wake up with ultra-soft skin. And of course I love rosehip oil for hydration.

If I wasn’t a supermodel I would be...
I’d be doing something in the field of nutrition I think. But then I’m really happy doing my skincare line too. We’re opening up worldwide now; we’ve just expanded into Asia! And we’re also opening up a centre in the USA this year so all our customers will be able to receive their orders more efficiently with great postage rates -so that’s super exciting.

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My favourite item of clothing at the moment is...
That jacket over there (Miranda realises she’s pointing at a range of bridal dresses and starts laughing). Sorry, it’s on a chair! I’m like, that jacket over there, haha! But it’s an awesome Ellery blazer with a bit of leather detailing on the sleeves. I’m really into detail on clothes at the moment!