Miranda Kerr Helps Fight Youth Suicide

marie claire

Miranda Kerr has joined forces with Kids Helpline to help bring awareness to youth suicide.

The supermodel and her family, who were left devastated after Kerr's younger cousin took his own life a number of years ago, are set to appear in an ongoing TV campaign promoting the initiative.

"There's not really a great awareness about the services available to kids and that's why I'm behind this great cause," Kerr explained. "If we can reach just one child and let them know there is someone out there who wants to listen, that could help to save their life."

Kerr told local media she believed if her cousin had been made aware of Kids Helpline, it may have saved his life.

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"The sadness of losing someone, especially in these circumstances, is something we live with and we continually question how it could be prevented," Kerr said.

The supermodel is currently in Sydney to promote her organic skincare line, Kora, which she says reflects her own beliefs about the importance of inner beauty.

"Designed to nourish, replenish and re-hydrate the skin, the range is exactly what I wanted for myself but was unable to find anywhere in the world," says Kerr, adding that husband Orlando Bloom is also a fan of the range.

"Orlando and I were just chilling in our room wearing the Kora Hydrating Mask last night", Miranda confessed, before saying, "oh he will kill me if he finds out I told you that."