‘Miracle’ skin product sells out over jaw-dropping results

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A brand new product sold out Priceline in its first Australian sales last week, and a quick glance at its customer’s jaw-dropping transformations more than explains the mad dash.

UK cult beauty brand Carbon Theory has blown customers away with what seems like miracle results on problematic skin from their face care.

Makeup artist Lucy Alexandra showed remarkable results from using the bar in her cleaning routine. Photo: Supplied
Carbon Theory's products sold out in Priceline. Photo: Instagram/ carbontheory

Arriving in Australia just last week, products sold out almost instantly and the brand has also seen a 500% hike in sales worldwide since the coronavirus lockdown, after ‘isolation skin’ wreaked havoc on many a happy face.

So why the obsession? Well, one product in particular, the Breakout Control Facial Cleansing Bar, has gained something of a cult following online.

Customers have flooded the brand’s social media and websites with rave reviews of the products impacts on acne and skin breakouts, many sharing images of skin cleared within just one or two weeks.

Before and after shots wow online

Gemma Firth was another happy customer. Photo: Supplied

Photos on the brand’s Instagram page show dozens of examples of the bar’s with incredible results, and hundreds of comments backing up the product’s effectiveness.

“I saw AMAZING results in literally two days,” one woman wrote.

“This soap is actually amazing, I could literally see the irritation on my skin go down after first use,” another reported.

“Within two days my skin was looking incredible, I actually couldn’t believe it.”

“Best product I buy,” one testified.

“Works miracles,” promised another.

Laura Gruby showed off clear skin after using the 'miracle' product. Photo: Supplied

Some even reported a secondary use for the product.

“I now use it as a shaving bar instead and never ever get shaving rash on my legs /underarms,” one woman wrote.

Products only $15 at Priceline

After initially selling out, the products are now once again available online with the exception of one of the masks.

Priced at $15 and $30, the products promise a cheap and effective way of approaching your crummy social distancing skin.

Carbon Theory's Breakout Control Facial Cleansing Bar is available at Priceline after selling out. Photo: Supplied

It’s not the first item to see a surge in sales as lockdown restrictions see people spending more online.

Another beauty craze to go bananas is the dermaplaning Defuzzer which has spiked as women brave the scary world of face shaving from the comfort of potential months without having to see anyone.

Similarly, alternative period products, homewares, and unexpected items from the Iconic have seen sales soar as other industries are muzzled and even put out of business during the lockdown.