Minnie Driver Says Marrying This Actor Would've Been The 'Biggest Mistake'

Minnie Driver is looking back on her dating history with no regrets.

The “Good Will Hunting” actor opened up to the Sunday Times about her relationships over the years — and singled out one person she seems thankful she didn’t end up with.

Driver said that her father’s infidelity made her “want to be married so much, and then choose men who were so not the right men to be married to.”

“So I would carry on longing to be married and to have that conservative version [of a relationship], find men who had no interest in that, and then if one did, run a mile,” she said.

“The one time I was engaged [to fellow actor Josh Brolin in 2001] it would have been, I think, the biggest mistake of my life,” Driver added.

Brolin, who is currently married to Kathryn Boyd, was previously married to actor Alice Adair (from 1988 to 1994) and Diane Lane (from 2004 to 2013).

Minnie Driver and Josh Brolin during the
Minnie Driver and Josh Brolin during the "Return to Me" premiere in Los Angeles on April 3, 2000. Jeff Kravitz via Getty Images

Driver has since found love with someone else ― writer and director Addison O’Dea ― whom she’s been with for five years.

“I’m with someone who doesn’t want to get married, but who is the most devoted, loving, extraordinary,” she said. “Everything I could have wanted in my childhood idea of a husband, he actually is.”

Driver has had a number of high-profile relationships over the years, including with actors Harrison Ford and Matt Damon.

During a stop by the “Today” show last month, Driver said that if she could have given her younger self any dating advice, there’s one thing she would’ve changed.

“Don’t date actors,” she said.

She added that she would tell herself, ”‘Honey, find a nice plumber. Find an electrician. Find someone who just wants to stay home and support you.’”