Ministers hose down talk over Palaszczuk's leadership

Darren England/AAP PHOTOS

Queensland's treasurer has joined frontbenchers dismissing leadership speculation and backing Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to lead Labor to the next election.

Cameron Dick conceded the three-term government had a "very significant challenge ahead" but along with Acting Premier Steven Miles insisted the government was strongly united under the premier.

Senior ministers have sought to tamp down reports of discontent about the premier's leadership, which intensified after she left for an overseas holiday at the weekend.

Media reports of division in Labor's ranks in recent days came after a difficult week in parliament, where the government was criticised for controversial changes to youth justice laws, and a string of polls indicating Labor is on track to lose the 2024 election.  

The treasurer's comments came after he penned a manifesto for how the government can win next year.

In the blueprint published in the Courier Mail, Mr Dick said the government's achievements were in dire peril should the opposition win government.

"I've been very clear, we have a very significant challenge ahead of us," the treasurer told ABC Radio on Tuesday.

"There is strong support for our premier in the government. She's done an amazing job winning those elections for us - coming from nowhere and winning that amazing election in 2015."

He also denied harbouring leadership ambitions, saying "I'm absolutely focused on my job as treasurer, as all ministers are on their portfolios".

"That's our job now. I'm interested in doing my job and in delivering for Queensland."

The acting premier said he had seen a draft of the treasurer's article and agreed with him.

"I appreciated his contribution because it really backed in what (Health Minister Shannon Fentiman) and I had said earlier in the day, that the key to Labor winning next year is our strong team and maintaining that strong, united team behind Annastacia's leadership," Mr Miles told reporters on Tuesday.

"We'll continue to support Annastacia Palaszczuk and her leadership as premier because that is our best chance of winning the election."

Mr Miles and Ms Fentiman, who along with the treasurer are potential future leadership contenders, played down speculation on Monday when questioned about the premier.

Ms Fentiman said the premier had been underestimated before and conversations about leadership happen "from time to time."

But Opposition Leader David Crisafulli said the government continued to show it was at war with itself and leadership speculation deflected from other issues.

"How many of them have spoken about the youth crime crisis, the housing crisis, the cost of living crisis?" he told reporters in Townsville.

"All it's been is auditions for a job and they've stopped doing their own. Queenslanders need leadership at the moment."