Millie Bobby Brown's fiancé, Jake Bongiovi just did her makeup and it wasn't terrible

millie bobby brown fiance jake bonjovi does makeup
Mille BB's fiance Jake Bonjovi just did her makeupTaylor Hill - Getty Images

If you haven't really seen Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi together on video, you may not know how cute the young fiancés are. They've had a lot of raised eyebrows over their youthful engagement but honestly, this has me sold. Jake just took on the task of doing Millie's makeup while answering couples questions, and while there are some, er, holes in his knowledge (he does try to start with setting powder), it's clear how much he knows about her passion for beauty and her brand.

His fave Florence by Mills product is the Hit Snooze Moisturising Mask Pearls, £34, just in case you were wondering.

Starting out, Jake thinks he's pretty prepared from all the makeup tutorial-watching he's done, saying: "I am a visual learner. so I've seen you do your makeup over maybe 1000 times you think 2000 times?" with Millie upping that number: "Yeah, more even? 3000 times, I would say maybe even." Though, in just over two years (around 750 days), that would be, like, four times a day. Let's hope his makeup is better than their math skills...

With a rocky start, Millie describes her brows as "not too bad from afar from afar. It doesn't look horrible. But when you pull this up, it's scary." But taking it on the chin Jake agreed: "This is crazy. Can I take this off? and gets right back on the horse.

With lots of coaxing and hinting from Millie along the way, a lot of powder in her hair and eyes (from a TikTok hack Jake was eager to use), and an admission he's usually paying less attention to detail and more to the clock while Millie does her makeup, the final result really isn't too bad.

The couple also talk through how they met, their Gen Z romance, and are generally sappily in love. So, trigger warning for any cold hearts out there who find PDA uncomfortable. Maybe watch on mute.

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