Millennial woman reveals everything Gen Z coworker has taught her: ‘Class was in session’

Normally Generation Z makes fun of millennials who try to defend their allegedly out-of-trend skinny jeans. Now, one millennial is running through an entire list of things a member of Gen Z has taught her.

Bailey Henry, 33, goes by the username @bailshenry on TikTok typed and printed out a list of everything her 19 year old Gen Z intern taught her. “She taught me a thing or two – number one: I am not 19,” she began the TikTok.

Henry then proudly held up her typed notes as she began to read from them, noting that second on her list was “DHgate,” a website that links wholesale sellers to people worldwide and which is known for its designer-inspired items.

“I had nooo idea what DHgate was. I do now,” she said.

Next on the list was the divide between what shoes women wear to go out to bars or parties. “Because you don’t wear heels to the bar anymore,” the TikToker joked.

Gen Z wear either Golden Goose sneakers or Air Force 1s, two popular styles of sneakers. “And you’re in a’re either in the Golden Goose camp or the Air Force 1 girl camp. And there’s a big difference, and you just are what you are,” Henry added.

For example, Henry said that she thinks Sofia Richie is a “Golden Goose girl” and influencer Alix Earle is an “Air Force 1 girl,” which ties into the next item on her list, which is that, “Alix Earle and Sofia Richie are very important”.

According to Henry, her Gen Z colleague also introduced her to certain slang terms, including “sus” and “mid.”

“They use just *words*. ‘Sus.’ Does that mean suspicious? I still don’t know. ‘Mid.’ ‘Felt,’ or ‘felt that.’ The vibe is so ‘mid’ here. Like mediocre. I don’t know why they can’t just say I’m not having a good time,” she joked.

The last piece of advice in part one of Henry’s video discussed the importance of Gen Z and Snapchat, with her equating it with the same level of importance as a person’s phone number. “Snapchat is everything,” she said.

“You don’t ask for someone’s phone number. So you say: ‘What’s your Snap?’... And then apparently friendships and relationships die on Snap,” she noted.

Since her TikTok was posted on 2 August, it has gained almost three million views, with many people joking about how relatable the content was.

“I just watched this whole thing like class was in session,” one comment wrote.

Another agreed on their lack of Gen Z knowledge, writing, “Me, 28, googling ‘Golden Goose girly.’”

Other commenters questioned some of the younger generation’s decisions, specifically the price of Golden Goose shoes and why they look pre-worn. The shoes typically retail for $595.

“Golden Goose shoes look like they’ve been worn already. For like 10 years,” one comment read. “Since I’m lost, googled Golden Goose shoes. First off, are they supposed to look like they’re 10 years old? Who the hell pays that much for worn out?” another commenter questioned.

Other viewers jokingly pointed out how millennial Henry came across in her TikTok. “The most millennial part of this was that you typed and printed the list instead of making a note in your phone,” one person wrote.

“The phone drop plus not editing is the most millennial indicator of this video,” another person commented, referencing when Henry dropped the camera.