Military aircraft surrounded by ‘UFO’

Allison Yee
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It’s the bizarre new footage that has UFO enthusiasts speculating there might just be a hotspot of unexplained paranormal activity in the UK.

A new clip has surfaced showing what appears to be a military jet flying alongside four unexplained flying objects in the air above Middlesbrough in the UK.

A witness clocked the bizarre sight while out walking. Photo: Youtube/Of Sound Mind And Body

The sight was filmed by a witness who claims he was simply out walking when he happened to clock the strange sight.

“While walking home from a friends house around 7pm, I noticed some dark objects in the sky,” the Daily Star reports the witness revealing.

Some speculate it’s a military aircraft surrounded by four UFOs. Photo: Youtube/Of Sound Mind And Body

“At first, I thought it was a flock of birds, but soon noticed that it looked like some sort of military plane flying in a slightly curved path followed by four small, round objects.”

With speculation the clip could expose ‘Britain’s Area 51’, other reports say it was the aircraft’s ‘convoluted trajectory’ that sparked suspicion.

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While some conspiracy theorists claim this could be proof of extraterrestrial activity, others have argued that it might simply a military exercise, or a refueling.

Watch the video above and judge for yourself…

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