Miley Cyrus hilariously pranks Jimmy Kimmel

Anita Lyons
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

TV host Jimmy Kimmel has been the long-term victim of some serious musical celebrity pranks.

The pranks consist of a famous celeb coming into his house while he’s sleeping and pulling a trick on him – like the time Rihanna turned his bedroom into a nightclub.

Miley Cyrus pranked Jimmy Kimmel in the middle of the night with a wrecking ball and it was glorious. Source: ABC

This time, superstar Miley Cyrus, came in like a wrecking ball…literally… and pranked Jimmy good.

“I’m coming in like a wrecking ball just for you, Jimmy,” she said to the camera before busting in to his house, lifting a sledgehammer in the air.

Jimmy was asleep when Miley came in with a high-vis vest and sledge hammer. Source: ABC

“Wakey, wakey,” she said, “Guess who it is, Jimmy! Good morning.”

Poor Jimmy Kimmel.

While her infamous song Wrecking Ball played, Miley hopped on top of Jimmy while waving the tool around.

Miley is a staple on the couch with Jimmy Kimmel. Source: Getty

Her “work crew” danced with lights flashing while foam bricks and a wrecking ball flew on top of him.

While it was awful for him, it was glorious for us.

Miley and Jimmy were pictured together in 2008. He has been a big supporter of the singer. Source: Getty

“You got me right in the (testicles),” Kimmel said, a little worse for wear after the ordeal.

We feel sorry for Jimmy Kimmel, but it was just so entertaining, we can’t wait for another one.

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