Miley Cyrus’ brother Trace sparks outrage after criticising women on OnlyFans

Miley Cyrus’ brother Trace sparks outrage after criticising women on OnlyFans

Miley Cyrus’ brother, Trace Cyrus, has sparked outrage after criticising women who are on OnlyFans.

The 34-year-old musician took to X - formerly known as Twitter - on 30 August to share his thoughts about OnlyFans, a subscription-based site. The online platform and app is largely used by YouTubers, fitness trainers, musicians, and sex workers in order to make money directly from their subscription-based content, rather than using a third party.

In a tweet, Cyrus criticised sex workers on OnlyFans by claiming that they won’t be able to “settle down with a guy with good morals” due to their profession. The former Metro Station band member claimed in his lengthy post that OnlyFans models label men who don’t agree with the platform as being “insecure,” before launching into claims about why some men subscribe to sexually explicit content on OnlyFans.

“[Women] get a lot of attention from guys on [OnlyFans] so they think they have options,” he wrote. “But any guy who is so desperate to see sexual content that they are willing to pay for it is a desperate loser. A lot of successful guys will sleep with those girls but they don’t want to wife them.”

He also claimed that he sees “a lot” of women on OnlyFans who “can’t get a serious relationship” because men don’t “value” them enough, adding: “They don’t look at those women and equate their values as a future wife, mother, or loyal partner.”

While Cyrus expressed that he knows “some amazing girls” on OnlyFans that “are genuinely good people,” he claimed that OnlyFans models have an “extremely toxic” independent mindset that “leads to a very lonely future.”

He concluded the tirade by encouraging more women on OnlyFans to be open about their experiences when looking for a relationship. “I hope more girls continue to speak up about this so other girls know the risk of getting into it,” Cyrus wrote. “Having a good man and a family will bring you more happiness in old age than [OnlyFans] ever could.”

Many people have since criticised Cyrus for his remarks, such as former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, who called out the singer for not mentioning men that also make sexual content on OnlyFans.

“Yet men have OF accounts with marriage, family, etc. So can [a] woman,” she wrote in a since-deleted Instagram Story. “Balance and brand is real. Forget limited, insecure mindsets @tracecyrus.”

Cyrus appeared to sarcasically respond to Abraham when he reposted her Instagram Story, writing: “I’ve been defeated. The most intelligent woman of this generation has put me in check. I retract my original statement. Every woman in the world should be on OnlyFans.”

Fellow OnlyFans creators have also criticised the musician, claiming that he made unfair generalisations about both sex workers and women on the platform. Some people described his comments as “sexist,” while others slammed his assumption that women on OnlyFans don’t want to get married.

“There’s a lot of female sex workers married with families, businesses, educations, homes etc,” one person wrote on X. “Some are married to sex workers and some are married to non-sex workers. We are valuable humans. Stop devaluing our existence with your platform.”

“Trace, I want to respond in a mature adult way kind of conversation. I don’t think you understand that the point you have made is sexist, because you are generalising women using OnlyFans to not able to settle down with guys who have morals,” another tweeted. “That is NOT always the case (and if it is on a specific person, it is not up to you to judge them and say so).”

A third wrote: “Men also do OnlyFans and do you see anyone making a paragraph about how they won’t be a good husband? Regardless. Please be aware that some do it because they’re not accepted in a regular workplace by people like you. Me being trans from experience, I’d much rather do something that I enjoy.”

Amid the backlash, Cyrus once again took to social media to seemingly claim that people didn’t understand his sarcasm when he initially reposted Abraham’s response. He alleged that some people on social media have “absolutely zero common sense”, noting that he “could be completely blatantly sarcastic and people have no f***ing idea”.

“First people were freaking out because I was condemning OnlyFans, now I have people in my DMs freaking out because I said every woman in the world should have one. How could you take that statement literally?” he said in a since-expired video, per Us Weekly.

The singer’s remarks about OnlyFans come days after he made headlines for his rare comment about his famous family. During a Q&A on his Instagram Stories, shared via People, the son of exes Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus shared that while he loves his family so much, he believes that he would be “much more successful” if he wasn’t related to them.

“People immediately want to judge me and discredit all my hard work because of who I’m related to. But that’s so far from the truth. I got a record deal without anyone from my label even knowing who I was related to ‘til after they signed me,” he wrote, referencing his former band, Metro Station.

The Independent has contacted a representative for Trace for comment.