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Clean the gunk out of your pores — these nose patches are less than $2 a pop

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Large pores aren't just for teenagers, and whether you get them on your nose, cheeks, or all over your T-zone, they're a pain to deal with. While silicone-based primers can hide them temporarily, the best way to clean the crud out of those enlarged pores is either with professional help or with a hydrocolloid patch designed for the job. Dermatologist Dr. Shereene Idriss shared on New in the Q that she swears by one product in particular — the Mighty Patch Nose from Hero Cosmetics. You'll get 10 patches for $18.

These miracle patches pull away all the stuff that's trapped in your pores, leaving your nose looking clearer after just six hours. You can even leave them on overnight.
$18 at Amazon

"These are made up of a hydrocolloid material, which is a water-loving material that is going to draw up all of that gunk from your pores," Dr. Idriss explained.

The good doctor continued: "These are not to be confused with the classic pore strip, which basically you leave on for like, what, 10 minutes, and then you wax it off your nose, leaving behind open dilated pores that are more likely to fill up again over time and get bigger if you keep doing it over and over and over again."

What makes the Mighty Patch so excellent? It turns white as it fills up with the nasties lingering in your pores. And it's flexible, gentle and comfortable, so you don't have to rip it off like those other strips.

Woman applying the Mighty Patch nose patch and removing it with white gunk on the inside.
Say goodbye to built-up nose gunk with this nose patch. (Photo: Amazon)

There's something oddly soothing about the strips, too; one reviewer even called them "grossly satisfying."

"The strips pull off anything on the surface of your nose, which includes oil that's been oxidized and turns black (blackheads), dead skin, dirt, and hair," she shared. "The strips were easy to use. You simply wash your face, wet your nose, dry your hands, apply the strip, let harden over 10 to 15 minutes, and remove. The process was easy, and I could feel the strip harden as it dried."

Another agreed: "Wow, it works well. It's so gross but satisfying. I usually get irritated having things on my face but six hours were easy. Plus you can wear a mask at work and have it on then — or sleep with it on. I absolutely love this product."

A third chimed in that she prefers this to professional and prescription treatments! She wrote: "I've been on Accutane, had laser work done on my scars and skin, and tried all kinds of cleaners and I was blown away by this product. I have never seen my pores look this small — I am so shocked at the amount it pulls out of your skin. This product is truly amazing."

'I have never seen my pores look this small,' said one happy shopper. 'I am so shocked at the amount it pulls out of your skin.'
$18 at Amazon

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