Michelle Yeoh named Balenciaga’s newest ambassador


Balenciaga has officially named film star Michelle Yeoh as its newest brand ambassador.

What's up: Yeoh, 61, announced her partnership with the Paris-based luxury fashion brand on Instagram Thursday, sharing three pictures.

The 2022 Oscar best actress winner said she is “thrilled" to join Balenciaga as a brand ambassador. In another post, she wrote: “Fashion is a form of art. It’s not just about a dress but about self-expression, how you feel in the dress, and the values you embody wearing it; it is a way to communicate my work and who I am to the world.”

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The "Everything Everywhere All At Once" star also noted that it is an "honor" to partner with the brand.

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Mixed reactions: Yeoh's new role generated mixed responses from her fans. One Instagram user wrote, "I love you, but Balenciaga is not the way to go."

Others brought up past controversies involving the brand. Last year, the company faced backlash for ads that allegedly promoted child exploitation.

“Wow with all the controversies surrounding child exploitation and questionable marketing promos. Very disappointed with Michelle," one commented.

“Look at the marketing they did with children...please don’t go this route,” another noted.

While many responded negatively to Yeoh’s announcement, some still praised the actor for the photos she posted.

“You look so beautiful, and most of all, and as always, so classy," one Instagram user wrote.

“Absolutely awesomeness,” another commented.