Mum slams trolls after beach photo confusion: 'Too much judgement'

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A woman has hit back at online trolls after a picture she posted with her 21-month-old son at the beach while on holidays in Wales sparked a flurry of comments.

Michelle Owen, who is a UK Sky sports presenter, took to Twitter to call out the mum-shamers, particularly given plenty of them in fact made the wrong assumption.

reporter michelle viral beach photo mum-shamed
Michelle's family beach photo sparked a flurry of comments over something that wasn't even happening. Photo: Twitter

In the picture the 31-year-old mum could be seen smiling for the camera with her son Zac in front of her, and the family dog on a lead.

But it was the rainbow ribbon that sparked some judgement, as some people thought the child was also attached to his mum.

"Child on a lead? Really?" one person commented on the image.


The TV presenter was quick to correct her followers, pointing out that Zac wasn't on a lead: "The fluffy one is on a lead. The non-fluffy one is not … that’s a ribbon streamer which he loves waving around."

But either way, she hit out at the trolls, adding there was "too much judgement" on mums online.

sky sport reporter michelle
The reporter hit out at the trolls saying there was 'too much judgement'. Photo: Twitter

"My non furry son is not on a leash. But so what if he was? Sometimes people do put toddlers on a harness as they literally run off," she wrote.

"So much judgment on here, without even properly looking too."

She received plenty of support from other parents online, with one commenting: "We used to regularly put our two on reins, so we could catch them if they fall and so they don’t run off while learning to walk better – don’t worry about what others say."

Plenty of others admitted they hadn't even noticed the ribbon, instead commenting on the mum's 'ripped' physique.

"Not gonna lie the first thing I noticed was your 6 pack, not the ribbon. Yet again ignore the hate, lovely pic with your boys," one person wrote.

"Okay I need your tricks for them abs haha look shredded!" another said.

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