Mia Goth Revealed Some Of Her Biggest "MaXXXine" Secrets While Playing With Puppies

Wake up bestie, a new puppy interview just dropped!

This time, we had the lovely Mia Goth come in to tell us all about her new film MaXXXine while playing with probably the cutest puppies I've ever seen in this lifetime.

Mia Goth is sitting cross-legged, wearing a casual sweater and dark pants, against a plain backdrop
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Seriously, just look:

Mia Goth playing with two small dogs
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Even better were all of the juicy and exciting details Mia shared in the interview, from the hardest scene to film in the trilogy...

Mia Goth saying, "[That was] probably the hardest think I've ever had to film in any movie that I've ever been part of"
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...And how she prepared for that iconic monologue in Pearl...

Mia saying, "I kept doing that"
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...to the classic horror film she would love to have starred in...

Mia Goth saying, "OMG 'That would be amazing!'"
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...and the main thing that fans tell her when they approach her in public.

Mia, "I couldn't have ever anticipated that"
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Watch the video to see it all now, and be sure to check out MaXXXine in theaters on July 5. All dogs can be adopted at Muddy Paws Rescue!