'Mortified' Mia Freedman mocked for tone-deaf post

Mia Freedman is being mocked on social media after posting a "tone-deaf" image of herself flaunting her diamond wedding ring in support of marriage equality.

The media personality penned an opinion piece yesterday saying, “Straight married women want marriage equality too” alongside the hashtag “married4marriageequality”. However, it’s the beaming image that accompanied it that’s gaining attention.

This image of Mia Freedman is causing quite the stir...
This image of Mia Freedman is causing quite the stir...

Trans rocker Jordan Raskopoulos, responded this morning with a photo of herself gorging on salami.

“Inspired by #married4marriageequality For those who are starving take a photo with a mouth full of salami #fed4hungryequality”.

Another genius posted an image of a giant, stately home on Instagram, saying “mansions for the homeless”, while a third shared a photo of their legs "for amputee support".

While Freedman’s opinion piece is still up on her website, the image has been removed. She’s also apologised on Twitter for any offence her post caused.

“As a passionate advocate for #marriageequality I believe it's vital for the straight community and those of us who are legally able to marry to stand alongside our LGTBQI brothers & sisters, sons and daughters, mothers & fathers, workmates & colleagues & fight for their rights,” she says.

“Marriage equality is a human rights issue & is supported by the vast vast majority of straight, married people.

“If I inadvertently offended anyone by calling for legally married women to raise their voices in support of those who can't legally married, I unequivocally apologise. I was using my public profile to support #marriageequaility as I always have. I'm mortified if that's been a distraction in any way.”

But not everyone was so hard of Freedman, with some saying she's just as fed up with the lack of action as the rest of us, and we should cut her a little slack.

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