Make Mess-Free Fried Onions In The Microwave In Just Minutes

Fried onions in bowl with fresh onions in background
Fried onions in bowl with fresh onions in background - Rocky89/Getty Images

Fried food is so irresistible because it's both crunchy and tender and bursting with flavorful juiciness after sizzling in hot oil. Fried onions are a prime example of the transformative power of a deep fryer, turning pungent onion slices into perfectly caramelized, golden-brown ribbons.

Frying is a veritable art form that takes skill, precision, and perfect timing. After all, working with ultra-hot oil is dangerous, volatile, and messy. Luckily, you can achieve crispy, light, and flavorful fried onions in the microwave in just a matter of minutes! Microwaved fried onions are mess-free and easy to execute for expert and novice cooks alike.

In a recent viral Tiktok video from @Testkitchen, a home cook demonstrated how to fry onions in a microwavable glass bowl. After thinly slicing a white onion into delicate rounds, place them in a bowl filled with half a cup of vegetable or canola oil. Place the bowl in the microwave on high for 5 minutes, after which time the onions will turn soft and translucent.

Give them a quick stir, then place the bowl back in the microwave for another two minutes. At this point, you should see the onions begin to turn golden in the now sizzling oil. Continue microwaving in 30-second increments until the onions shrivel up into a deep-brown mass. The final step is to spread the fried onions over a paper towel-covered plate to shed excess oil. As they dry and cool, the onions will crisp up into the decadent garnish you're expecting.

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Fried Onion Tips And Uses

Chicken biryani garnished with fried onions
Chicken biryani garnished with fried onions - Ravsky/Getty Images

We already know that this trick can be done with a white onion, which is one of the least expensive and all-purpose varieties of onions. However, yellow and sweet onions are also wonderful options that will provide an even sweeter and more aromatic flavor profile. That said, frying any aromatic vegetable will result in a crispy, caramelized, and rich garnish. You could also fry shallots, leeks, and garlic using the same microwave method.

Keep in mind that fried onions will reduce considerably as they caramelize in hot oil. So, if you need them for more than one dish, you should consider using at least two onions. Fried onions add a delicious flavor, crispy texture, and sophisticated presentation to any dish. One of the most iconic applications is the famed Thanksgiving green bean casserole. Fried onions are also a perfect way to dress up a plate of risotto or mashed potatoes. You could also add them to a classic French onion soup and let both soft and crispy onions intermingle. And, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines use them in classic dishes like Biryani and Dal.

Additionally, fried onions would make a beautiful garnish for steaks, pork chops, or any other rich cut of meat. You could even use them for brunch garnishes — they would work well sprinkled over fried eggs, fancy avocado toast, or a skillet of shakshuka.

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