Meshel Laurie: 'I hate the fact that there is abortion'

Anita Lyons
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As Ireland goes into a landmark referendum over the controversial topic of abortion, The Project panellist, Meshel Laurie, has weighed in.

Sharing her opinion last night, the TV presenter said that she wished “there was never another abortion ever in the entire world”.

Meshel Laurie says she wished “t here was never another abortion ever in the entire world”. Source: The Project // Network Ten

“You know what I think gets lost in the abortion debate every time, is that nobody wants there to be abortion,” she told the other panellists.

“I hate the fact that there is abortion. It breaks my heart.”

While these are her beliefs, the mother-of-two knows that this is “not reality” and that she can’t “help every woman” nor “prevent them”.

“If I could, I would,” she continued. “I mean, sometimes [abortion] has to happen [but] I wish it didn’t.”

Pictured: An Irish voter at a polling station in Ireland on May 25 2018. 3.5 million voters will decide if they should lift the ban on abortion. Source: Getty

Steve Wilson, a yes campaigner from Ireland, spoke to the panel via Skype and said:

“It’s all about women’s rights and women’s rights to bodily autonomy.”

He went on to say that they had a shocking record when it came to what has happened to women in the past, “so it’s time we set this straight”.

The Irish campaign has been a large source of debate and 3.5million voters will decide if the ban on abortion should be lifted or not.

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