Meshel Laurie furious after son is bullied over a biscuit

Anita Lyons
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Comedian Meshel Laurie is not laughing.

The 42-year-old has tweeted her outrage after her eight-year-old son Louis was bullied over a homemade chocolate chip biscuit.

Meshel Laurie is outraged over her son being bullied over a choc chip cookie. Source: Instagram/meshel_laurie

“My son was bullied at school today because he had an unhealthy snack (homemade chic chip cookie),” [sic] the TV presenter tweeted. “School. has. changed.”

She then added: “I wish that “bully” could go back in time to my primary school in Toowoomba in the early 80’s for just one little lunch. Cookies were biscuits, shoes were optional, and bullies were not known for their health food programs.”

In a third tweet, Meshel wrote:

“I really, really want to advise my son to tell that kid to f*** off.

“Just nice and simple. Right in his smug little face. Old school. Ugh. I know I can’t though. That kid is hiding behind the niceness of school. It’s hard being a bogan parent sometimes.”

Meshel’s fans were quick to take the side of the mum-of-two.

“Give me their name. I just want to talk,” one Twitter user wrote.

It sucks that school has become like this, even more so that kids are judging other kids for what is in their lunch box. Ugh, my grandma would be rolling in her grave. Her home-made bikkies were the joy of little lunch!” another agreed.

“Give him two cookies tomorrow,” another wrote. “He can give one to the bully to show him what he’s missing out on.” 

While the TV personality was ready to have a go at the kid in question, she was well aware of who was going to cop it first…

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