Common myths about Mercury Retrograde busted

Yahoo Lifestyle’s astrologer and bestselling author of Moonology Yasmin Boland and astrology expert Kim Farnell have joined forces with a book to help us embrace the crazy and be prepared for Mercury Retrograde, which started on June 18th and runs until July 12th.

Mercury Retrograde is this week. Photo: Getty

The following is an extract from The Mercury Retrograde Book.

Common myths about Mercury retrograde

Mercury appearing to go backwards is an illusion.

Another common myth is that we can’t see Mercury in the sky when it’s retrograde because it’s too close to the sun.

The truth is that Mercury is usually too close to the sun to be seen. But when Mercury is about to go retrograde, it’s far away enough from the sun to be visible to the naked eye. Just as Mercury’s turning retrograde, we can briefly see it as a faint light after sunset, close to where the sun has just set. At the end of its retrograde phase, we can see it just before sunrise.

Many people also buy into the myth that ‘all these things going wrong in my life are due to Mercury being retrograde’ or believe ‘it causes nothing but problems’. But if you tend to miscommunicate, mess up your travel plans, miss appointments, lose things, and delete important emails, you’ll carry on doing this whether Mercury is retrograde or not – it’s not Mercury’s fault.

The truth is things do go wrong under Mercury retrograde – and particularly with communications – all of which are inconvenient, annoying and frustrating.

In this book, however, you’ll not only learn how you can prepare to avoid the worst effects of Mercury retrograde, but also how to use it to your advantage – for example, it’s a great time to deal with what you’ve left unresolved in the past or make plans for the future.

For some people things tend to go wrong during Mercury Retrograde. Photo: Getty

Will Mercury Retrograde affect you?

Like all planetary patterns, Mercury retrograde is likely to affect you more strongly if it connects with your birth chart.

For example, if you were born under Aries and Mercury is going retrograde in Aries, it’s likely to affect you more strongly than someone born under the sign of Cancer (unless that person has, say, a Cancer Moon and Mercury retrogrades right over it, of course).

Also, if you have Mercury retrograde in your birth chart, you might not feel the effects of Mercury retrograde as much as others, because you’re more accustomed to it. Some people born with Mercury retrograde claim that Mercury retrograde later in life actually works in their favour and makes them feel normal.

Generally, as with everything in life, whether things go right or wrong depends a lot on how you react to the Mercury retrograde energy.

If you take an extra second to hang up your keys by the door when you arrive home, read important documents several times and are a bit more forgiving when a friend says something particularly daft, you’re likely to have fewer problems.

Even things that look like they could be an unmitigated disaster, such as running into your ex, might not be as awful as you think. Perhaps you can see it as a chance for a catch-up chat about old friends. And that’s the point: if you’re open to the opportunities that present themselves, but don’t rush into judgement, then you can make the best of Mercury retrograde.

Due to the concentrated planetary energies during the retrograde, it’s likely that expressing yourself clearly is more of a challenge than usual – but it isn’t impossible. You may just need to focus more and listen harder. You may also find that the retrograde period isn’t the best time to launch something new; however, you can do that later once you’ve worked out all your options.

However, the myth that Mercury retrograde will bring havoc, torment and misery is just that – a myth.

Yes, things are different under Mercury retrograde, and yes, you’ll have challenges to deal with but, as we said previously, Mercury is a trickster and once you’ve learned about his tricks, you can turn them to your advantage.

The Mercury Retrograde Book by Yasmin Boland and Kim Farnell, Hay House, is available now.

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