1. 2:16

    While training to portray Sugar Ray Leonard in Hands of Stone, Usher goes one-on-one with MH.

  2. 0:42

    Behind the scenes with Australia's Olympic Men's BMX silver medallist.

  3. 0:15

    A sneak peek of what's inside the April issue of Men's Health.

  4. 0:48

    Go behind the scenes with the MH team as we shoot the cover and Bachelor star, Tim Robards, for our...

  5. 0:41

    Adam Ashley-Cooper accepts his award as the first ever Celebrity Men's Health Man

  6. 1:31

    We've scoured the nation. Now it's time to reveal the winner . . .

  7. 1:29

    MH throws down the gauntlet to GQ Australia for a good old fashioned modown. So, how mo' can you go?

  8. 1:52

    Physical performance coach for Tennis Australia Grant Jenkins shows you how to perfect your...

  9. 1:47

    Marcs menswear designer Luke Scott shares his Spring/Summer style tips.

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