Get Commando fit - week two

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Get Commando fit - week two

This gruelling nine-week plan closely resembles the training regimen Britain’s Royal Marines Commandos have to go through in order to be honoured with the green beret. Physically, it is as demanding a fitness plan as you’ll encounter, which means you’ll need to focus on your nutrition so that your body doesn’t capitulate under the near-constant pressure.

Similarly, ensure that your rest days are just that. Mentally, this fitness plan will test your will to push on through the pain barrier. So if you can buddy up, then all the better. The competitive element will drive you on to levels you probably wouldn’t have attained on your own. As Sean Lerwill, the author of the plan says, the mind always fails before the body. But complete these nine weeks and “fail” won’t even be in your vocabulary.

Feb 28, 2013



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