• Know when to take it to the next level

Know when to take it to the next level

There’s nothing women find hotter than a man who knows what he wants. The flip side, of course, is also true: women are turned off by having to make decisions for wishy-washy partners. Of course, you’re not that bloke. Never have been. But every now and then you will find yourself in a situation where the answers aren’t as obvious as you might hope. You’ll start humming and hawing, without the decisiveness you usually show. We’re talking relationships here. Do you push yours to the next level, or just enjoy where you are? If problems arise, do you stick it out, or pull the plug? It’s important stuff!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in all the years of giving relationship advice it’s this: the longer you linger in making decisions, the more likely you’ll be to find yourself in a bad place – three months into a lease with a woman you can’t stand anymore, for instance, or co-signer of a five-year loan on a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. That’s where we come in. Use our expert advice to find out when to move forward – and when to start looking for the exit.

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Know when to take it to the next level

Navigate the toughest decisions of your relationship confidently.