• Twelve sexiest presents for your partner

12 sexiest presents for your partner

YOU’RE A SPIDER, your girlfriend is the long-limbed she-spider across the lawn. You want sex, so you drop a fly on her web. It’s admittedly a small fly (you were a little lazy), so she finishes eating it before you two finish your crazy spider love. Big mistake. Unsatisfied, she has but one option: to eat you.

“Even in the animal kingdom, males have to offer copulatory gifts,” says Dr Victoria Wilson, author of The 30-Day Sex Solution. “For women, gifts symbolise attention, affection, appreciation – basically, your feelings for her.” Which means if you offer up an undersized fly – read: that cheap perfume or a vacuum cleaner – she’ll feel perfectly entitled to eat you alive.

We sympathise. “Women are intuitive, so they expect men to be able to read their minds,” says Wilson. But you’re no more a mind reader than a web spinner, so we surveyed 833 women and consulted top sexperts to find enough sexy gift ideas to see you through the Christmas-Hanukkah-Kwanzaa-birthday-Valentine’s Day gauntlet.

Jul 17, 2012

Twelve sexiest presents for your partner

She unwraps the box, then asks you to unwrap her. Everybody wins!

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  1. “ X X12:37pm Saturday 22nd March 2014 ESTReport Abuse


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  2. Byron03:48pm Saturday 15th February 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    The "sexiest" here simply means the products which Yahoo7 is getting money for advertising. No real advice.

  3. Byron09:46am Friday 14th February 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    The "sexiest" here simply means the products Yahoo7 is making money from by advertising them. This is not advice at all.

  4. Rebecca05:13pm Saturday 15th September 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    #$%$ off mate,im a girlfriend and a mother my partner is out of work at the moment and i,m the one paying the rent food and bills and cleaning our house also cooking and raising our two children evryday,now wot im anonyed with is that not all woman are like wot you are saying,i bust my #$%$ everyday for my man and kids,i buy my man wot he wants and my children get alot as well nw i dont remember the last time i brought myself samething,i go out of my way al the time doing things and buying things for my man to show my appreciation for wot he does do for me i get nothing for wot i do but love and thats all i ever need

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  5. Rif03:36pm Sunday 09th September 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Easier to just rent them by the hour

  6. Lionel L08:06am Sunday 22nd July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Yes , dead on the money! we live in a liberated era. If they want it then they can get off there back sides and get a job and earn it. Oh, that is after they pay for half the rent/house payment and all the other household bills ect.