Upgrade your sex life

YOU’RE GREAT IN BED. You give her head-tossing, thigh-quaking, bedsheet-gripping orgasms. You’re open-minded, too, which keeps things interesting. But admit it: once in a while you try a bit too hard, throwing down moves that, frankly, flop.
You’re not alone. We’ve all heard plenty of misinformation about which techniques are truly hot and which are best left on the porn set. “Men have ideas about what sex should be like, but some of those ideas are impractical and very limiting,” says sex educator Lou Paget, the author of The Great Lover Playbook.
Take marathon sex. It sounds great, but nobody wants to make love for that long in real life. And how about those classic body-entangling attempts at simultaneous stimulation? More awkward than amazing, our experts say. So shelve those strategies and try our smarter, sexier alternatives, which can take your bedroom game from great to greatest.

Jun 26, 2012

Upgrade your sex life

Put a fresh spin on these five overrated acts – and enjoy scorching-hot action.

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  1. sven10:47am Sunday 16th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

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  2. Marcus411:13pm Saturday 01st December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    How about what both want and being honest instead of what this one wants and guessing what the other one wants. Takes two to tango. Oh, and the pics - yahoo good one, the trouble is a lot of people don't look like that - male or female. Oh, some Yahoo professors to certain public postings here, you can never be sure your an expert, you still might learn a thing or two and it ain't always a lot to do with Yahoo which sometimes fulls your brain with alot of times the obvious, and quite often #$%$

  3. Zaffer06:32pm Saturday 01st December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    According to the natural needs of male and female the require a complete and healthy sex life for their mental and physical health. But in most of human societies it is not possible for females almost.There she cannot express her sexual desires to her partner. But in educated and modern Civilizations , it is also a difficult task for female to express the sexual desire . So the both male and female feel unsatisfy in this period and separated. So first a male should give complete confidence to his female partner about this matter and secondly the female should make her partner realize that to express this is a natural desire .

  4. Phoenix03:01pm Saturday 01st December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    It seems both sexes can't win if you ask me. My partner doesn't like talking before sex, it turns him off but he wants to talk after sex and that really ruins what just happened between us as far as I am concerned. I hate after sex talk when it is about business, or family, or what we should do next or did yesterday. Blah.

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  5. Russell Patterson01:30pm Saturday 01st December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    That is one of the biggest problems in bed for couples, women a hell of a lot but definately not all, sorry for generalising ladies. Iam a male in my fiftys, to say i have had a bit of experiance is ??? I will leave that up to your imagination. I feel if a woman says i like this or i would like to try that they feel that their sexual partner will think shes a slut or or just how mant partners has she had and feel guilty for expressing what they like or want to try, its sad really, if you cannot express what you like in bed you are not letting completely go and if holding yourself back when there is nothing seperating you and your partner in bed except your minds, well frankly thats truelly sad, ladies try it let go whether its saying i would like to try this or that no matter what it is, animal talk, positions you try dont worry about the consequences of whats going on right there and then, we are animals try being one, just let completely go but there is one important thing to this i believe if you can get to the point of letting completely go and if something doesnt make you comfortable once you let go "dont do it" it truelly is that simple, its being able to completely let go. Itsjust so so simple, please just give it a try and if your partner is uncomfortable with it truelly who has the problem, not yous ladies believe me and you will die of shock just how much it turns your partner on wich will make you relise all along you should of been just saying exactly what you truelly like or want to try. We are all animals so try being one its just not the women its men to, men need to be more considerate to a womans needs instead of a wam bam thank-you mamme, blokes like that dont deserve to have partners or they are either just inconsiderate arseholes who think they know everything, they need to be more considerate to there partners needs and wants and the more your partners enjoy the freedom in bed fellas believe me the more you will, believer me i have been a male slut at differant times in my life when i have been single and i have been proud to be one, iam still learning and loving it, and fellas learn that your tounge is not just for talking, the more you dont talk and use it for the main reason i think we have a tounge for ha ha ha, well iam telling you thats when your on the right track to being the lover, partner, animal that your partner has been looking for all hers and your lives, please give it a try the results will be mindblowing, you will see and it all starts with letting go try small steps or just dive in but what ever your doing if you dont enjoy it" dont do it", letting go is the answer. russell would love to see peoples response not now try it and let other people know, you would be doing yourself and other people one of the biggest favours in life, its all up to "you"

  6. wanderer01:18pm Saturday 01st December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    I'd love a tent and all extras provided on a tropical island. What is wrong with those whingers ? and what are Iranians doing there anyway ? exchange them for oil .... they should stay home and struggle for the society they want ...... maybe, I 'll start a business, smuggling homeless Australians to Nauru or Manus Islands.

  7. Ghost Hunter12:17pm Saturday 01st December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Men - lay on your back on the bed - - get the woman to climb on top and see what a difference it makes when she is free to choose the positions and move herself how SHE likes to get the pleasure she wants. :-)

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  8. alienconcepts10:05am Saturday 01st December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Women never tell you want they want ,,, but they expect you to know and be good at it and be different from one day to the next ... a male can never win

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