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  1. The five pleasure sensors

    It’s not just touching her, or hearing her moan – sex is a total body experience.

  2. How to read her dirty mind

    Tune into her subconscious desires to assess your chances and ensure she’s the real deal

  3. 10 things hotter than sexting

    Quit mulling over which Instagram filter best accentuates your appendage and try these tips instead.

  4. Seduce her with your mouth

    Whether you open it up or keep it shut, your trap could decide how the date goes


    Not clicking online? You may have committed one of these online gaffes

  6. Bedroom tips from a pornstar

    Want to take your bedroom skills to the next level? Adult film star “Adam Bomb” reveals the secrets to performing like a pro.

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Eat fit

  • Fortifying ramen

    Fortifying ramen

    Knock out viruses and supercharge your immune system with this self-defence master class

  • Spicy grilled prawns

    Spicy grilled prawns

    If there’s a healthier way to start a meal, we haven’t found it

  • Antioxidant parfait

    Antioxidant parfait

    Ditch the chocolate trifle and opt for this healthy dessert option instead.