We asked 47 women to reveal what seductive strategies you can use to guarantee you'll get the girl.

Igniting the fire

1. "If a guy flashes me a big smile, says 'Hello', then asks 'How are you?', I warm to him immediately."

2. "A lunch invitation is more likely to result in a 'yes' than the offer of an after-hours drink or dinner. It's a shorter period of time, it's safer because it's during the day and it won't involve me being walked home."

3. "Ask me to help you carry drinks from the bar. If I like the way you look, I'll say yes. Then it's up to you to keep me talking."

4. "Be generous while we're on a date. That way, I'll think you're going to be giving in bed as well."

5. "Pick me up on a shiny, black-and-chrome motorbike. It may sound cliched, but it works."

6. "Explain why you were attracted to me in the first place (without once mentioning my breasts or backside); it's a great ego boost."

7. "Say my name often. It gives the impression that you're totally focused on me."

8. "I just love a bloke with attitude. If he's a bit cocky and cheeky, he'll make me blush . . . and, yep, I'll probably drag him off to bed."

9. "If a guy compliments one of my friends, I'll try twice as hard to get his attention. But if he takes it too far, he's in trouble. It's a fine line!"

10. "Be drop-dead gorgeous, sexy and cool, but don't ever let me know that you know it."

11. "Don't make it obvious that you're single. Flirt, but don't show your hand until we're ready. Making me guess will get me even more interested."

12. "Touch my arm while talking to me, on my shoulder if you're standing above me, on my hips if you're standing behind me, around my waist if walking beside me. You may think I don't notice but I do. It's a subtle, but effective way to let me know you're genuinely interested."


13. "Make me believe that you want to wait to get to know me more before we have sex. There's simply no better way to make me want it."

14. "A head, neck and shoulder massage makes me incredibly horny. It may seem innocent, but it's actually very erotic."

15. "Dance with me. Show me you can express yourself with your body and I'll know you can express yourself well in bed."

16. "On a cold night, wrap me up in your coat and kiss me on the forehead. It's guaranteed to make me go weak at the knees."

17. "Playfully tease me. I may act as though I think you're being childish, but in reality I really love it. I know it's your way of saying that you'd like to get naked with me."

18. "Sweep the hair from the back of my neck and kiss me there. It sends sexy tingles everywhere."

19. "Pull me in tightly to you with your hand in the small of my back. Kiss me like you're tasting the most delicious Mr Whippy ice-cream - that's what does it for me."

Causing an Explosion

20. "Run your fingers lightly up and down the small of my back. Nothing gets me wetter."

21. "Take my breasts, cup your hands around them and use your lips and tongue to get me to the point where I'm moaning with pleasure."

22. "If, like some men I've been with, you're not exactly sure where a clitoris is, take half a peeled orange and position a pip about two centimetres down the centre. Now you should have some idea of where to look."

23. "Lick my nipples. Now blow on them and also inhale the air off them - it feels incredible."

24. "Be extremely gentle when you're touching my clitoris - I can always push towards you to show when I'd like more pressure."

25. "Make sure I also have an orgasm by focusing on me either before or after doing it because penetrative sex rarely brings me to a climax."

26. "Don't forget my other lips! I love it when a guy strokes or licks the area around my clitoris, not just directly on it."

27. "Take advantage of my vibrator. I come really easily with it and using it means I'll be coming back for more."

28. "Whisper in my ear while we're doing it. Tell me how amazing my skin feels, how sexy I am and how good it feels to be inside me."

29. "Let me feel your entire body when we have sex - press your chest against me, hold me tight and gyrate while inside me. It will make me orgasm more quickly."

30. "Do it differently. The more you surprise me, the more eagerly I'll be waiting for the next time."

31. "If I've bought new, sexy underwear, let me keep it on while we're doing it. I love how I look in it - that's why I bought it."

32. "I love it when a guy is playfully rough in bed - a tender bite, a bit of hair-tugging . . . it makes sex feel even more passionate."

33. "Wake me up at 5am by heading 'down under'. I may be half asleep, but I'll soon be smiling all over."

34. "You have to vary the depth and pace when you're inside me. A fast, constant pace makes me feel like an inflatable doll."

35. "When I'm on top, move your hands all over my body. It makes a great position fabulous."

36. "Ask me if I like what you're doing while you're doing it. I'm more likely to give you my honest reaction."

37. "I love it if a guy takes absolutely ages before heading 'down there'. It's the build-up that really gets me hot."

38. "Talk dirty to me. Tell me what you want to do to me and how much you're enjoying it."

39. "Lift me up while we're doing it. It makes me feel incredibly feminine and sexy (and you seem really strong)."

Keeping the Embers Glowing

40. "Look me in the eyes and say, 'You're great'. That's all it takes to make me want you again in the morning."

41. "Make contact the next day. This rule holds true forever."

42. "Give yourself forbidden-fruit appeal: don't come on to me for at least five days, starting on Monday. By Friday, I'll be ripping your clothes off."

43. "Watch me getting ready to go out and take in every detail of my body. Now tell me I look stunning. Feeling great is the biggest turn-on of all."

44. "Give me a pash. It sounds juvenile, but kissing with tongues is such a turn-on. Long-term partners seem to forget that it's a near-guaranteed route to sex."

45. "Keep your hands moving all the time - feeling your touch all over me is what makes me come."

46. "Bring me breakfast in bed, so I have enough energy to satisfy your sexual appetite."

47. "Make me believe I'm amazing in bed. I most enjoy doing things I think I'm good at."

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