The Men's Health 2014 Sex Awards

We called experts, visited sex shops and watched a lot of . . . um, TV. The result: the toys, tips and trends that will send you into the sexual stratosphere . . . tonight!

Have Better Sex

Why You Should Speak Up In The Bedroom

From your wake-the-neighbours moans and groans to your X-rated whispers, women are all ears. It’s time to make a ruckus, gents.

Relationship Advice

Survive moving in together

Living together is convenient, but it's fraught with danger. Here's your guide to navigating the landmines of cohabitation

Lift Your Game

How to Ruin a Date in Five Painful Words

You've swiped right, done some light social media snooping (investigating?) and now you're on the first date. Here's how to ruin it.

Sexual Health

Brush your teeth to prevent erectile dysfunction

Not brushing regularly may give you more to worry about than just bad breath